Donate and Pray

Partners come in all forms. Some are churches, and some are individuals. Many are friends and family whom we’ve known for years. Others are new friends who have become interested in furthering Bible translation. All play a crucial role in our ministry!

Church Partners
The opportunities for partnership between a church and a missionary are endless! Often churches enjoy having a “real life” missionary share what the Lord is doing in other parts of the world. This can take the form of a presentation in a service, Bible study or prayer meeting. It could also be an interactive video program during a youth group meeting, Sunday school class or a potluck dinner.

The church can be a source of great prayer, encouragement, and financial support for the missionary. Financial partnership is a natural expression of participation in the Lord’s work that the missionary has been called to. We see our work as an extension of the church’s ministry.

Individual Partners
Singles. Couples. Families. Many people choose to partner with missionaries as part of their own personal ministry. For those who aren’t called to go to the mission field, there is the possibility to pray, send, and give. This is a vital component to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Like churches, individuals can participate in many ways. Some of our prayer partners pray for us every day, and others on a rotational basis. Some choose to partner financially on a monthly, quarterly, yearly, or special basis. This is a team effort so our work would not be possible without the partnership of God’s people.


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