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Among the Wycliffe family of organizations is a rapidly growing affiliate called The Seed Company.

The Seed Company

The Seed Company

The Seed Company was launched by Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1993 with a mandate to accelerate Bible translation using a model that would involve more national leadership and enable and equip national translators. They plan to enter hundreds of new languages in the next 15 years but must first overcome several technical barriers. As a result, they have turned to Wycliffe Associates, a partner organization, for help. WA, as it is commonly known, has responded to the need by forming a new team focusing on providing the technology resources the national translators require to accomplish the Bible translation task.

Wycliffe Associates

Wycliffe Associates

Ken has begun a new assignment with Wycliffe Associates as a Technical Advance Specialist. In his role, he will provide computer and technical support, training, business analysis, project management, and Bible Translation Acceleration Kits (BTAK’s) field deployments. He will also visit locations where The Seed Company has translation projects so he can help determine their technology needs and provide the appropriate solution(s). Part of his assignment is also to do project management for technology projects that will help The Seed Company fulfill their Bible translation goals. (Watch the short video at this link to gather a better perspective of the technical challenges we’ll be facing).

Wycliffe Europe

Wycliffe Europe

Anne previously served as the Wycliffe Europe Area Resource & Development Coordinator and represented, encouraged, developing strategies with, and facilitated European Wycliffe member organizations in their project funding efforts. Below were just some of the responsibilities included in this role.

  • Training European personnel in reporting and practices.
  • Managing a resource center for specially trained skilled personnel that can write, evaluate and monitor projects to European requirements.
  • Serving the European WMO’s in their many project funding needs with encouragement and expertise from both within and outside the organization.
  • Coordinating project submission, development and implementation with European WMO’s to minimize “double” funding and field activity overlaps.
  • Relating to International to communicate common goals and strategy developments that will aid European WMO funding efforts.

Anne has recently finished her degree in Organizational Communications. She uses her skills to update our partners. She is also volunteering at our local church and as a woman’s Bible Study facilitator.


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