Walking by Faith

Wycliffe Bible Translators is a faith mission. We do not receive a salary as most know it. Instead, each Wycliffe member builds and maintains a prayer and financial partnership team with individuals, families and churches and are dependent upon that team for our financial sustenance. The amount Wycliffe members receive each month varies according to what is given by our partners but, in general, the net, what we live on, is approximately 50% of the monthly donations after the obligations below are deducted. Regular and special gifts designated to our ministry account (232707) are used to cover the following:

  • Our salaries

  • Our taxes including US social security tax and applicable US and foreign income taxes

  • Our ministry expenses including newsletter printing and mailing expenses, gifts to and visits with ministry partners, and expenses related to speaking engagements

  • Our insurances including health insurance, life insurance, vision, and retirement savings

  • Our personal medical expenses

  • Administrative services provided by our organization – 10 percent of all gifts given to our ministry are directed to Wycliffe’s general fund to cover the cost of administrative services for which we benefit including facilities maintenance, computer support and financial services.

Wycliffe Bible Translators processes any donations mailed directly to them or given through the Wycliffe site. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your taxes from them in the mail.

How to Give

All financial gifts should be directed to Wycliffe Bible Translators.

To give by mail please make your check out to Wycliffe Bible Translators at PO Box 628200, Orlando, FL 32862. Please include a separate note indicating that your gift is for the ministry of Ken and Anne Haugh, account # 232707.

You can give online by credit card or bank transfer or give by phone, electronic funds transfer, and more.  You can also give non-cash gifts. Whatever way you choose to give, please be sure to use our names and our ministry account number (232707) in order to ensure that your gift is directed correctly.

More information on giving can be found on the FAQ page.


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