How can I find out what’s going with you?

Our most frequent updates are available on this blog. However, we also regularly send out a newsletter by email and snail mail (to addresses in the USA) called the Haugh Herald. It includes updates, prayer requests and answers to prayer. To be added to our email and/or snail mail lists, just send us your contact information.

How can I learn more about your organization?

We are members of Wycliffe USA.  You can learn more about key topics by going to the following links: Statement of Doctrine, History, Financial Accountability, Associated Organizations.  We have also served with our partner Wycliffe Associates, with Wycliffe International’s Wycliffe Europe group in Holzhausen, Germany, at JAARS, Wycliffe’s regional technical and training center, and Hillcrest International School in West Papua, Indonesia.

How can I learn more about the Bible?

There are many sources to learn about Bible translation currently underway with and our partner organizations. Check out Wycliffe USA, SIL, The Seed Company just to name a few. Wycliffe International, in partnership with several other organizations, has created a web site with information about Bible translation and language development in progress around the world: The web site contains information about Europe, stories about Europe and prayer requests about Europe.  It also has information, stories and prayer requests about other areas of the world.

How can I arrange for you to speak at my church or to my group?

Please email or call us! We’d love to come share with any size group!

Where can I find resources to promote your ministry?

You can find a variety of resources on the publicity resources page of this web site.  These resources can be particularly helpful for promoting us if we will be speaking at your church.  Our newsletters are also available to you to pass along to whomever you like.  Additionally, please feel free to encourage others to visit our blog for regular updates on our ministry.

How can I pray for you?

We provide a list of prayer requests and answers to prayer in our regular newsletters.  Regular prayers for our health and safety, and God’s guidance and direction are greatly appreciated.  Wycliffe has created a tool that can give you guidance for how to regularly pray for us or others serving in cross-cultural ministry.  You are also welcomed to contact us for our most current prayer needs.

Can we send you a care package?

Yes, by all means!  You can find our current mailing address in on our most current newsletter under contact us. However, before you send a package, remember that we are now living back in the USA and working remotely.  So, although we always appreciate your thoughts and gifts, we can purchase our needs and wants locally.

How can I give a financial gift?

Mail: Please send all financial gifts directly to Wycliffe and make checks payable to Wycliffe Bible Translators. Gifts should be mailed to Wycliffe at PO Box 658200, Orlando, FL 32862-8200. Please include a separate note with your check that has our name and ministry account number (232707).

Online: You can give on-line to our ministry by bank transfer or credit card.  To give by phone, call 1-866-736-4387 between 8 am and 5 pm EST.

Ongoing Gifts: You can also give by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This optional service authorizes Wycliffe to deduct gifts automatically from a checking or savings account. EFT saves time and money—it avoids postage and check costs, ensures that checks won’t be delayed or lost in the mail, and helps Wycliffe achieve better stewardship of your gifts by reducing processing time and costs.

Learn about other ways to giveWhatever way you choose to give, please be sure to use our names and our ministry account number (232707) in order to ensure that your gift is directed correctly.

Are my financial gifts tax deductible?

Absolutely! Cash gifts from US citizens received by Wycliffe are eligible for a US tax deduction.

How do I get a receipt?

Wycliffe will send a receipt directly to the individual, church or organization that sends a donation. This is usually sent to the address on the check or address provided on an on-line form. If you choose to receive a paper receipt, along with it you will also receive a convenient form and envelope for a future gift and a free copy of In Focus, a donor newsletter. If you have any problems with your donation or receipt, please contact the donor relations department: 1-800-WYCLIFFE ext. 3705,

Can we contribute to your ministry through a non-cash gift?

Yes!  You can donate used cell phones, jewelry, cars, boats and more. Through the Wycliffe Gift in Kind program the value of these items can be turned into cash gifts to our ministry.   To give to our ministry, you will need our names and our ministry account number (232707).  Some non-cash gifts may be receipted and eligible for a US tax deduction.  For more information, go to Wycliffe’s iDonate page or contact Wycliffe’s iDonate representative at 1-877-89-SHARE.

Where does the money go?

Of the money sent to Wycliffe designated to our ministry, 90 percent goes to our ministry account. Our ministry account covers our taxes, all ministry expenses, health and life insurance, and retirement. The remainder is used for living expenses. Ten percent is directed to Wycliffe’s general fund in order to cover valuable administrative services that benefit us including computer support, financial services, and facilities maintenance.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!


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