Accelerating Bible translation with BTAKs and solar panels

16 May

Wycliffe USA just released an article entitled, “Wycliffe Associates Connects Bible Translators in Isolated, Dangerous Regions with Satellite Communication” describing what the TechAdvance team I serve with does. Take a peek. I think they’ve communicated far better than I ever have regarding of some of the exciting activities our has team has recently been involved in.

My colleague, Phil Harms, recently released a solar panel installation video of the kits our team has created and are deploying in areas lacking sufficient electrical power. The video explains what the kit consists of and how easy it is to install.

Go ahead, take a look. It gives a good idea of how and where our team is accelerating the process of getting God’s Word into the hands of the Bibleless people of the world. It’s not easy and frankly, it’s not always safe. But mother tongue Bible translators, and ultimately the Bibleless people of the world, are waiting.

Are you interested in helping us deploy these BTAKs around the world? If you can’t go yourself, maybe you could join our prayer and/or financial team and keep us keeping on. You can find additional information here.

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