Can You Hear Me Now?

28 Feb

“Can you hear me now?” the man asked as he walked the country testing Verizon’s wireless capability. Of course, the answer was always yes. But, what about those living in very remote parts of the world?

One of our previous newsletters talked about how a Wycliffe/Seed Company/Wycliffe Associates/JAARS satellite connectivity project is changing the face of Bible translation for those living in remote regions of the world. National translators translate the Scriptures into their mother tongue and then, using satellite connectivity, upload their translation to translation consultants all around the world located thousands of miles away. The consultant checks and then sends the new Scripture portion to the national translator. All of this is done in areas lacking land line and internet connectivity! It really is amazing.

Check out Hank Scott’s “Low Power Field Deployment” photos of past BGAN satellite deployments and see how interested our national colleagues involved in Bible translation are.

This project is bringing us closer and closer to Vision 2025 realization where every language on earth has a Bible translation started in their mother tongue. How does the satellite work, you might ask? Go to this website, click on the appropriate language, and watch how small satellite equipment can connect a remote national translator to the world.

Each BGAN satellite system cost approximately $1,600 so this is an expensive endeavor. But God’s people are giving generously so that others are able to hear the Good News too. What a blessing.

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Posted by on February 28, 2011 in Hardware, Satellite


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