Adjust! And Carry On!

07 Oct
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One thing that my husband Ken has learned well is adjusting to the unexpected!

His class was supposed to be limited to 25 people, but instead 47 students arrived. How does one turn away mother tongue translators that traveled 12 and 13 hours to come to upgrade their ministry skills?

Due to the class size and cramped quarters, they had to change classrooms halfway through the day. It is possible that the number of students with laptops simultaneously connecting to the hand-made electrical outlets overwhelmed the generator and it stopped functioning (not sure if the machine is permanently broken though). So, after the move, they had no electricity for the remainder of the afternoon. Ken had to yell across the large room to be heard in class, more than once through rain pounding the corrugated roof. Yikes, no electricity in a technical training class!

So, let’s bring on the prayers, my friends! I don’t know how many language groups that this class represents, but don’t you think that Satan would love to slow down this process so that God’s Words cannot be translated into the language of all of these people?

Please pray that all that God planned (not us) will be accomplished this week. Please pray for clear understanding of this software, especially for those few who did not take the previous class. Pray for patience too! Thank you for standing with us.

We’re expecting great things in the days to come.

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