Traveling Mercies from a Merciful God

07 Dec

If you travel much, you become a person who prays. Although accidents can occur close to home, the very act of spending hours in a speeding car or airplane puts you at a heightened risk for injury or death.

Ken and I traveled up north over the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ve driven the 13 hour drive up to family a hundred times or more. Usually we get up early and plow through the whole day arriving just in time for dinner. For the first time, we split the trip up into two days with a much needed hotel rest in between. Ken has been so busy this year, that we haven’t taken much vacation together. It was nice to talk together off and on and relax a bit.

Part way into our trip, a truck drifted into our lane. Ken had been eyeing the driver because he had been weaving a bit, but when we went to pass him, he suddenly lurched over into our path. Ever the alert driver, Ken was able to jerk the wheel over and an absolute disaster was averted! That truck was inches away from our right side mirror. We both gasped and looked back to see the man trying to get his jacket on while driving. His distraction almost ruined a trip or our lives!

Ken leaves shortly for his next trip. It’s his last for this calendar year. As my neighbor said, “Well, my dear, there isn’t much year left, is there?” No, I guess not. He’s packed on the miles this year.

Safe miles. Traveling mercies. Each time I hear that he’s arrived safely to his next destination, I breath a prayer of relief. The same prayer goes up when he texts me that he’s landed once again in Charlotte.

With all the uncertainty in our world, I take each trip seriously. Some people have said, “I’ll be glad to hear when you are done traveling so much. You go to unsafe places.” Yes, but it’s in those very places that people need to hear God’s words in their own mother tongue so that their lives will be changed!

Thank you for praying for Ken this week:
1. Safe travels
2. Wisdom and clarity as he teaches
3. Changed lives for the participants and their safety too.

Photos: Typical view packing Ken’s tech gear before a trip and the new pastor and his wife from our supporting Michigan church. Click on photos to see the caption.

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