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02 Sep

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During a recent survey by the Barna Group, 61 percent of Americans said they “wished they read the Bible more.” Maybe you are among that group but are finding it difficult to navigate a daily Bible- reading routine. Or maybe you just want to get more out of your time in the Bible.

Apps and reading plans provide an easy way to engage with the Bible. And with hundreds to choose from, it can be difficult to find exactly what you want! Whether you’re looking for an in-depth Bible study, a great concordance or simply want to experience the Bible in a different language, we’ve come up with a list of a few apps and websites we think might help as you read the Bible:


You might already have YouVersion downloaded on your phone or tablet so you can easily look up your favorite Bible verses or follow along during a Sunday morning sermon. But
did you know that YouVersion also has over 1,200 versions of the Bible in more than 850 different languages? Not only does the app have different versions of the Bible available, but YouVersion also hosts a wide variety of devotionals and reading plans that you can download. And if you have children, you can even find interactive, animated stories in the Bible App for Kids! YouVersion is one of the easiest apps to use if you’re looking for a way to revamp your devotional time through a guided study or just want to read through different passages from the Bible. (Ken and I use this every day and LOVE the kids app!)


The Bible is often called “the greatest story ever told.” And just like any epic story, it’s important to understand the themes, characters and narratives that weave throughout the entire book. While the Bible is immensely complex, it’s also immeasurably rewarding, teaching us about God’s character and what he had in mind when he created us. The Bible Project uses short videos with engaging illustrations to help break down words, themes and topics for easy understanding. If you’re interested in seeing the Bible in a new way, check out The Bible Project’s website.



Tailored for women, She Reads Truth may be just what you need if you feel like you’re in a devotional rut. Both the website and the app feature easy-to-navigate plans that range from daily devotionals about hymns to a 42-day study on the book of Acts. You can find plans that last for a few days or a few weeks, too. Rooted in Scripture (each devotional will generally include one to two supporting passages), the devotionals are varied, with di erent writers contributing each day. This makes the devotionals feel personal and applicable, no matter what the subject matter may be. She Reads Truth also creates engaging typographic verses and quotes, perfect for downloading and saving onto your computer or smartphone to use as wallpapers, or for sharing on social media to encourage your friends!


Just as She Reads Truth is tailored specifically for women, He Reads Truth is for men! This is just what you need if you want to explore devotionals based on books of the Bible, biblical figures or specific themes. The devotional plans range in length from a few days to a few weeks or more, and are written by a variety of male writers. Some of the devotionals in the series also provide thought-provoking questions. And, like its female counterpart, He Reads Truth also creates engaging typographic verses and quotes, which are perfect ways to continue engaging with the Bible throughout the week!


Perhaps you’ve used Bible Gateway to look up a passage of Scripture or a verse to encourage a friend during a difficult time. Bible Gateway is a great tool for searching through the Bible by topic or even by a single word or phrase. In addition to its concordance, the app can also help you swiftly navigate different versions of Scripture — from KJV to The Message and everything in between. And reading different versions of the same verse might help you as you try to fully understand the passages.

No matter which app you use to engage with the Bible, the most important thing is that you’ll grow closer to God through spending time in his Word! And that’s something we all need.

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