Happy Memories 2016!

03 Jan
Our family December 2016

Our family December 2016

Happy Memories 2016

Every January, I make a post about our “Happy Memories” jar. I have a mason jar on our kitchen counter. Each time we remember a happy memory, we write it down with the date and drop it in the jar. On January 1st, we read the memories and think back on all of our blessings.

This year, because we had both of our girls and their families with us, we did it early on December 27th. Everyone added their own happy memories and we went around the table reading 30-40 different memories.

The comments were, “Oh, I forgot about that!” and “Oh, yes, that was a good day.”

At the end, we had a time of prayer, thanking God for all of his good things.

In my devotions this morning, I was reminded that with the new year ahead, we will have many rough roads and times of difficulties. But God is still with us! Some of our happy memories are connected with difficult memories. “Ken’s life was spared from a massive heart attack.” That’s a  joyous thing to remember, but such a difficult time too.

Just as God came down as a baby to take our place years later on the cross, so has he also walked the life of man, enduring all things that we will endure. What will that be for us? We have no idea, but I trust my Lord and Savior to take us through.

Below are some of our happy memories. Do you have some to share? 

Trip to New York to see supporting churches: Vacation with old friends and to old places, specifically Montana; No cancer for a family member; Visits from Anne’s mom; Ken’s life was spared; Ken’s brothers and Christine came for his surgery; Christine and Dan bought a house; Both son-in-laws had a successful year in their businesses; Anne graduated from university; A new grandchild; Surprise gifts; Anne and her mom safe when the brake line broke on their car.

Praise God!

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