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Two Actions=One Watch

Graduation watch

I lifted the side flap on the canvas lunch bag. The pocket was empty. I had stashed my phone, car keys and watch in there when we went to the beach. I unpacked the trunk of the car. Soggy, sandy towels, sandy beach toys, and sandy half-eaten lunches rounded out the contents. Where was my watch? I know I had put it carefully in this pouch, but now it was no longer there and no where to be found.

I dumped out my entire purse and pawed through wallet, receipts, gum wrappers and warm lip sticks. No watch! I guess it’s possible I put it somewhere else….but I knew I hadn’t.

We all showered the salt water off of our bodies, wrung out our bathing suits and got dressed for dinner. When I told my family about the missing watch, everyone jumped up and helped me search through the car trunk and under the seats, several times asking about the last time I had seen the watch. The watch had been given to me as a graduation gift from my family for finishing my degree just last year. It was special to ALL of us. My eyes filled with tears thinking that it might be gone forever.

The tide had been coming in when we had left the beach a few hours earlier. Upon arriving to the beach we had placed our towels about 100 feet from the edge of the water. By the time we left, it was a mere 5 feet away from our gear. No one remembered anything being left on the sandy beach. If it was on the beach, it was now under the salty water and undoubtedly ruined.

The only place it could be was the parking lot where we had left our car. “Let’s drive back before getting dinner. It’s only 15 minutes away,” my husband said. I was relieved that he had suggested it knowing how hungry everyone was and not wanting to delay our dinner any more.

We drove the 15 minutes in silence. I was silently praying for a miracle. When we arrived at the parking lot, three people on bicycles were resting at the entrance of the parking lot where we had recently parked. All three were in our way, in the exact spot where we needed to stop. Ken courteously waved them by and two of them moved on. The third person waved us through. Ken pulled in to the left of where we had parked our car. The parking lot was nearly empty. We all anxiously jumped out of the car, heads down, frantically scouring the ground for the watch.

At the same time, the woman on the bicycle came driving over toward us. “Are you looking for…..” Her sentence was cut off as I pounced on my watch, its gleaming silver edge protruding from the sandy driveway. The watch had been run over and was on level with the soil which was, thankfully, sand! I couldn’t even speak! I just held it out in disbelief and joy!! “I saw it just as you arrived“, the woman shouted, joyful as well that we found my prize possession! We yelled our thanks as she drove off.

Our eight-year-old grandson was so pleased and surprised. Unbeknownst to me, he and his Papa had prayed together that the Lord would lead us to the watch minutes before we departed on our search. He was able to see the answer to his prayer in 15 short minutes.

We prayed AND we looked! Two actions. What would have happened if we had only prayed? What if we had just looked? I’m not sure what the results would have been. Had we delayed even 30 seconds later the watch would have been innocently picked up by one of the bicyclists and carried home. We would never had known its story.

This reminds me about the woman in the Bible who had 10 coins and loses one. She lights a lamp, searches for the coin, then rejoices when she finds it. We don’t read that she prayed, but she looked and she celebrated as we did. Luke 15:10 says “In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” 

Every month several people groups receive the Bible, newly translated, in their own language. It may not previously been prayed over by the people, since they didn’t know what they were missing, but someone prayed over that language. Someone worked and gave them the ability to find out the way of salvation. It is theirs for the choosing. And when they find it, there is rejoicing in the presence of angels.

Thank you for making that possible. You do it month after month. Your prayers, your gifts, your hope, your action.



A Terrorist is set Free

On Friday morning, 33 AD, the Roman governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate, set known terrorist Barabbas free from prison. Barabbas, an insurrectionist of the Zealots and a murderer, had been due to be crucified by local Roman authorities, but after a strange turn of events, was allowed to leave prison after having his sentence commuted.

Barabbas, known only by his first name, means Son of the Father. When asked about his freedom upon leaving the filthy prison, Barabbas, looking gaunt and dirty, had a surprised smirk on his face. “I have no idea why I was let go. But who cares! I’m ready to go and meet up with my friends and celebrate!”

When told that a man name Jesus was set to be crucified instead of him, Barabbas asked, “So, what did HE do?”

After hearing that Jesus had claimed to be the king of the Jews, Barabbas said, “It’s strange. The name Jesus means ‘Savior’. Man, I wish I’d known Him! We could have worked well together!”  Jesus, a former carpenter from the little town of Bethlehem, had made statements such as, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” as well as, “No one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” Barabbas had been convicted of killing several Roman citizens and causing riots in the city in order to overthrow the Roman government.

“Oh well,” he replied. “Better him than me!”

No word was given as to Barabbas’ future plans other than a statement of “back to my previous work” said with a wink. Jesus is set to be crucified later this day.

References: Matthew 27:15-26; Mark 15:7-15; Luke 23: 18-25; John 18:39-40; John 3:3, 14:6



Happy Memories 2016!

Our family December 2016

Our family December 2016

Happy Memories 2016

Every January, I make a post about our “Happy Memories” jar. I have a mason jar on our kitchen counter. Each time we remember a happy memory, we write it down with the date and drop it in the jar. On January 1st, we read the memories and think back on all of our blessings.

This year, because we had both of our girls and their families with us, we did it early on December 27th. Everyone added their own happy memories and we went around the table reading 30-40 different memories.

The comments were, “Oh, I forgot about that!” and “Oh, yes, that was a good day.”

At the end, we had a time of prayer, thanking God for all of his good things.

In my devotions this morning, I was reminded that with the new year ahead, we will have many rough roads and times of difficulties. But God is still with us! Some of our happy memories are connected with difficult memories. “Ken’s life was spared from a massive heart attack.” That’s a  joyous thing to remember, but such a difficult time too.

Just as God came down as a baby to take our place years later on the cross, so has he also walked the life of man, enduring all things that we will endure. What will that be for us? We have no idea, but I trust my Lord and Savior to take us through.

Below are some of our happy memories. Do you have some to share? 

Trip to New York to see supporting churches: Vacation with old friends and to old places, specifically Montana; No cancer for a family member; Visits from Anne’s mom; Ken’s life was spared; Ken’s brothers and Christine came for his surgery; Christine and Dan bought a house; Both son-in-laws had a successful year in their businesses; Anne graduated from university; A new grandchild; Surprise gifts; Anne and her mom safe when the brake line broke on their car.

Praise God!

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Meet Ben

Mark Gerber Visit 003
Ken and long time friend and supporter, Ben Gerber

Back in 1999, Ken moved from his hometown near Detroit for a new land: Montana. Like Abraham, he heard the almost audible voice of God tell him He had a plan for his life and to start by selling all he owned and move to Billings. He might as well have gone to another country, Montana was so different from Detroit! So Ken sold his condominium, his car, and most of his belongings. Then on New Year’s Eve, he loaded up his car and, with his younger brother, made the long trek across the USA.

Ken returned to school to get his Special Education teaching degree and started a life that he felt God had called him to. Active involvement in a local church, Bible study, softball, college courses, and getting to know many of God’s people were daily activities. One of those Ken met that ultimately touched his life was Ben.

For the first six months Ken was in Billings, he slept on the floor of Bob Gates’ TINY log cabin. Bob and Ken roomed together at Michigan State University and had since become a transplant to Billings. Shortly thereafter, Ben and his wife, Lois, offered Ken a safe place to live for several years. There he grew under the tutelage of Pastor Terry Rudd, his friend Bob Gates, and the Ben Gerber family. Each were a Godly example to Ken. Each had become life long friends.

Years later, when Ken and Anne joined Wycliffe Bible Translators, Ben and Lois took us on and became one of our prayer and financial supporters. That was 26 years ago. Although Ben’s wife has passed away, Ben continues to support us at age 89.

A few years ago, Ben was still traveling and selling insurance. We asked him, “Why are you still working?” He answered, “I want to keep keep supporting you and my other missionaries.”

Ben’s son and daughter-in-law are also our supporters. We recently asked them how it was that they were still supporting us 26 years later. Mark answered,”We committed to YOU, that’s why!”

So to Ben, Mark and Vicki and the rest of you, our faithful supporters….thank you. Thank you not only for your commitment to US, but to the Bibleless peoples of the world. We’re in this together.

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