Packing Lists

25 May

Mosquito nets, malaria medicine, head lamp…not the things that are normally on our packing lists. But this is no ordinary trip. Ken is preparing for his first trip to the continent of Africa as part of the B-TAK team. He’s leaving for Nigeria on June 4th, returning the the U.S. on June 18th. (Read more here about Bruce Smith, Wycliffe Associates’ CEO, experience deploying BTAKs in a previous trip to Nigeria).

Preparations started a few months ago as he had to get his Yellow Fever shot and make sure all of his other vaccinations were renewed. Nursing sore arms from the shots reminded us of years before preparing for our first trips overseas to Papua New Guinea and later on to West Papua, Indonesia. It’s been 10 years since Ken’s had to take a malaria prophylaxis.

But there is excitement in the air! Although this trip occurs during rainy season, has many unknowns, and Ken will be doing completely new work, he is so excited that God continues to use him in these ways. Please pray for him as he prepares while continuing his work each day. We have sent off his passport to get a visa and it needs to come in time. We’ll keep you updated on this trip.

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