I missed a call!

07 Jun

Got home from shopping this morning and heard my answering machine beeping. When I listened to my message I was shocked to hear Ken’s voice! He was testing the satellite phone and used his one phone call to me! (I’m guessing he’d do that if thrown in jail too…but we’ve not had that problem yet!)

It was lovely to hear him from so far away. He followed up the phone call with a short email. He didn’t sleep that well because of the heat and humidity. I’m guessing a little jet lag might be mixed in there too.

Here’s some of his email:

“Today, we will practice more and go over last-minute details. This afternoon, we work with the co-translator and share our satellite information with him. We were told he is traveling 11 to 12 hours to get here to meet us and spend a little time with us. That means that we will spending that much time traveling back with him to the area we’ll deploy the satellite. So, Phil [his volunteer partner] and I are anticipating a long drive Wednesday.

The Nigerians are very, very accommodating. Special people.”

One of the many various roads in Nigeria. (Flickr credit to The Vuvuzela Diaries)

Please pray for them tomorrow as they have a very long drive. This is not highway driving. I was told there used to be lots of paved roads but many of them need a lot of repair so driving requires lots of meandering around the potholes. Looking at photos I see quite a variety of roads, some paved and some not.

I’ll keep you update but it might be awhile until we hear from him. At least a day or so I would guess.

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