Something’s missing!

17 Jun

I noticed that Ken tried to post a blog while in Nigeria, but only half of it has shown up. Apparently something went wrong while it was uploading because I’m sure he finished his thoughts before he sent it. But this is a great illustration of some of the things other missionaries and nationals must deal with on a regular basis in Nigeria and many other parts of the world. Sketchy Internet access.

Well, Ken is now starting his long trek home. He is on the road from Jos to Abuja where he’ll sit in the airport for many hours until his flight out at 11pm Friday night (5pm EST). He flies from Abuja to Frankfurt, Germany, waits another three hours and then flies to Munich where he has just one hour to catch his flight to Charlotte.

If all goes well, he will land here at 3:30pm Saturday afternoon. I will be waiting for him.

Afterall, it will be our 28th anniversary that day so who better to pick him up from the airport?

Thanks again for you prayers. I’m sure he’ll be writing a great update very soon for all of us.


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