And he’s off!

26 Oct

I just dropped Ken off at the Charlotte Airport. He’s on his way to Nigeria once again. This is his third time to this country so it makes it a bit easier to plan. We still found ourselves running around the last two days gathering items for himself and for others. When you live in another country, it’s nice to receive things from “home.” He’s carrying a bit of stuff for others including a sewing machine!

A wonderful thing about living in Waxhaw, NC is our close proximity to Jaars. Jaars is a campus of our “sister” organization, SIL. It is where our pilots train, computer work is done as well as Vernacular media work. They have a great purchasing and shipping department too. Ken was able to take this newly repaired sewing machine and get it boxed up professionally so he could easily travel with it. We hope it gets through customs okay. I’m sure the owners of it will be happy to have it back.

Ken, along with another man,  will be helping with some training classes that will be going on. He’ll be gone for two weeks due to some flight constraints. The airline he’s using only flies in and out twice a week so he’s arriving a bit early and leaving a few days after the training is over. I’m sure he’ll keep busy with his training and relationship building.

So, thanks for praying for him in advance. It’s Wednesday here, but we probably won’t hear from Ken until Friday EST. Two weeks are a long time to be from home. Last time he really got hit hard with allergies and eyes almost swollen shut, so we loaded him up with some antihistamines this time. Please pray too that nothing would deter them from their Kingdom work. I’ll try to update you all as I hear from Ken. I’ve just posted our most recent email with some photos from our recent trips.


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6 responses to “And he’s off!

  1. Sharon (Lyman) Hastings

    October 29, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    Ken and Anne…What sort of training will Ken be giving to the Nationals and others in that ministry?

    • Ken & Anne

      October 29, 2011 at 4:19 PM

      Hi Sharon. First, we’ll clean up all the computer the mother tongue translators bring in. They are usually infected with viruses. In fact, I am writing this from Nigeria (it is not 9:15 PM) and since noon yesterday and today, have spent spent the entire day working on removing the viruses off three computers. Once that is done, we update all the computers. With very slow internet connections, it takes quite some time. Once that’s done, we’ll teach file management, how to use various Bible translation programs, and how to submit an email that will automatically create a ticket in their helpdesk that we help set up for them. That way, the mother tongue translators that live hours and hours away and need help can receive that help once the technicians living in Jos receive an email ticket. In short, we’re assisting with setting up processes and procedures to help provide technical support to the mother tongue translators. It’s fairly easy and straight forward when you have a lot of Internet bandwidth, as we do in America. It’s another story when the infrastructure isn’t quite there. But, we’re giving it the good old college try!

  2. Joyce Sterner

    October 26, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    Hi Anne,

    Praying for Ken on his trip and you at home during these two weeks. You both do a lot of travel and that shows faith and a real priority on Kingdom agendas. So glad we got to be friends back when.

    Joyce, for Bob, too

    • Ken & Anne

      October 26, 2011 at 4:27 PM

      Hi Joyce. Thanks for your prayers. I truly appreciate it. I am sitting at JFK right now waiting for my colleague. God bless. Can’t wait to see you and Bob again.

  3. Aunt Flo

    October 26, 2011 at 3:03 PM

    so good to keep up to date with you. I always mean to tell you that at JAARS is a girl named Linda Koopman. I think she is retired now from Wycliffe, but she is a Lakesider from way back when – – – before you were born I would think. You might want to look her up and say ‘hi.’ Give her my love.
    Always interested in your family news. I’m wondering how Christine is. Rarely see her on Face Book. See Laura often – – – and of course Luke! Just heard about Becky’s twins – – what a miracle!
    Our twin boys are two and a half and a real handful! Whew! praying for you and Ken always, love, Aunt Flo

    • Ken & Anne

      October 26, 2011 at 3:24 PM

      I read your reply while waiting at
      JFK. Isn’t technology cool?

      I appreciate your prayers. Please don’t stop, especially tomorrow when I go through customs (around 1 PM your time).


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