Back It Up!

09 Feb
I once heard a dentist say, “Only brush the teeth you want to keep.” Makes sense. But what does that have to do with Bible Translation, computers, and/or computing?

It’s the principle. In other words, back up only those files you want to keep.

People are now using their computer for both work and home use, saving critical information, photos, videos, and the like. Unfortunately, I have encounter only a few that regularly backing up their computer despite the fact that Windows, Macs, and Linux systems have their own back up software and, if you don’t like them, free third-party programs as well.

I recently came across this article about backing up one’s computer. Although it written some time ago, it is still quite relevant. Click here to read more.

I personally use the Windows 7 built-in image creator and restore disc to prepare for a hard drive failure. I also back up my computer data to two different external USB hard drives. It works well. The major disadvantage though, is that the hard drives are in the same location so all of my data would be lost in the event of a fire or flood. And, although some would say that my computer data would be the least of my worries in a situation like that, I still don’t want to take a chance loosing years of data including twenty six years of ministry pictures. Backing up to the cloud would certainly help in this case. I just need to get around to it.

The following articles evaluate various online back up services. May I encourage you take a look and choose one. In the event of a hard drive catastrophic failure, you’ll be glad you did.
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