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We’ve got photos!

Ken recently spent several weeks in the Philippines. We’ve put a few photos in our newsletter but thought you’d enjoy some more here. It’s a beautiful country.

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I love Technology!

My favorite man!

My favorite man!

Oh, how times have changed! When we traveled 25 years ago after first joining Wycliffe, our family wouldn’t hear from us for 3-5 days until we had arrived at our location and set up our computer. But now, if Ken is traveling to a large city like he’s in now, we have so many more options.

Ken departed from Orlando, Florida early Saturday morning. He flew to Minneapolis and gave me a call on his cell phone. He texted me goodbye just before departing for Southeast Asia. I woke up Sunday morning to hear he had landed at the country next along the route. By the time I got out of church on Sunday morning, I knew he had landed because I was flight following, keeping an eye on his flight online (before and after church, of course!).

When I was sitting on the couch Sunday night, I got a FaceTime call, with video, from Ken who was starting his first day of work! Video! We don’t get that too often!

Technology is awesome (when it works the way you want it to!) and you have access to it.

Ken is on the other side of the world helping a group embrace some new technology in order to expedite the translation process. New tablets outfitted with an exterior keyboard will house the 51 newly translated stories which can be uploaded after checking to a website that anyone in the world can have access to. From there, each participant will return to their home country and continue to proceed with their Mother Tongue language.

Thank you once again for helping us to make this happen.Your monthly support and prayers allow us to keep the technology coming for our partners around the world.

P. S. The Enemy prowls around looking for whom it can devour…please pray for these participants the next two weeks!




More Papua New Guinea Photos!

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PNG First Days


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What is MAST?

MASTVideoWhat is MAST?

Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation is an innovative method of Bible Translation. Motivated by the local church, translators, pastors and lay people gather together and can draft large portions of Scripture in a short amount of time. Watch the short video above and it will explain the process in a clear way. God’s Word in the mother tongue brings joy to the heart to those that have received it. Unfortunately, many still lack God’s Word in their mother tongue and have been waiting for too long. This Bible translation method is generating excitement and joy and hopes to reduce and even eliminate that wait!

Ken departs next Tuesday to help support another workshop teaching this method. He’ll be in Papua New Guinea for several weeks working with a large group of people. They will be translating 51 Bible Stories into Tok Pidgin so that they can be uploaded to an open web site. This site will make the Truth of God’s Word available in a new way to a larger audience.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful process.

****As of today, two colleagues that are supposed to accompany Ken on this trip still have not received their visas! We need a miracle to get them there! Please pray for Ken July 28-August 18.



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See it and Weep…for Joy

This group now has their first portion of Scripture in their own language!

Home made sound recording booth!

Home made sound recording booth!


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Zaccheus was a Wee Little Man

How many of you remember that familiar song from Sunday School? If you are like me, you used hand gestures to show just how “wee” this poor man was. What kind of questions would you ask if you heard this story for the first time as an adult?

The team that Ken is presently supporting is using this “simple” story as a starting point for translation. Already some questions have come to these new translator’s lips:

What do the words “small” or “small in stature” mean when describing Zaccheus? What image conjures up in your mind? For some here, they described Zaccheus as short and big-bodied knowing that he was wealthy because in their culture, people with money can afford to eat well and therefore become portly. Others pictured him as being height-challenged, even shorter than a typical Asian person.

And what does “defrauded” mean?  How would you define that term to a village farmer?

How would you communicate to non-literate new believer with no written language the meaning of Jesus’ statement, “Today, salvation has come to your house,” when they have no word for “salvation”.  What is Jesus really communicating? Is Zaccheus’ house saved? Or is it possible that of all Zaccheus’ family members are saved because of Zaccheus’ new found faith?

Oh no, we’re not done yet. Luke 19:10 Jesus says, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” How will you explain the meaning of “the Son of Man” to those lacking formal education? How would you explain this to an educated person?

These are some of the challenges of the work we do. Please keep praying! The workshop has just begun! We’re so excited to hear how lives will be changed by the end of this time!