India – Day 1

08 Apr

My colleague and I departed home for the Charlotte airport on Good Friday, April 6, around 10:15 AM for our 1:45 flight. First stop – Cincinnati where I have the privilege of sharing a meal with my daughter and son-in-law, Christine and Dan. What a blessing to spend even a precious hour with them. Next stop – Paris.

We depart for Paris, arriving there around 8:30 AM, sleepy and stiff, after an 8.5 hour flight. As short and stocky as I am, I find it difficult to difficult to sleep on the plane. I can’t imagine how tall people have to bend their bodies to adjust to the limited space!

The third leg of the journey is the Paris to Bangalore flight, another 9.5 hours. Already somewhat tired, we arrive at 11:35 PM. We are dead last to proceed through immigration, and pick up our luggage. By the time we  drive from the airport to the hotel, it’s 1:30 AM. I take a quick, cool, shower and place this weary body in the bed some time around 2:00 AM Bangalore time. Total flight time is estimated to be 19.5 hours; total travel time approximately to 24 or more. One looses count after a while as time and space start blending together.

Breakfast is delivered to the door at 8:30 AM. Although not much to look at, a fried egg, toast, and coffee never tasted so good!



Although I’ve experienced this in other locations I’ve lived so one would think that I am used to it but I find that a quick walk down the street easily assaults the senses. Traffic jams, honking horns, broken sidewalks, temples, food vendors, and you name it line the streets. I have to be keenly aware of my surroundings. Indians drive on the left side of the road so being especially careful to cross the street is a must.

Hindu temple

Hindu temple

Roadside Chicken coop

Roadside Chicken coop

Road outside hotel

Road outside hotel

Tonight I’ll experience another first – riding in the three wheeled green and yellow cart seen in the picture above – as we travel to the local Kentucky Fried Chicken. Can’t wait.

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