India – Day 2

09 Apr

Woke up this morning at 4:30 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m still jet-lagged so I could have used the sleep. On the other hand, the hour in the morning allowed me some uninterrupted time alone with God and in my Bible. An hour of reading God’s Word and prayer is so refreshing that it makes me wonder why I don’t MAKE time for it more often. Wish I had an answer.

My colleagues and I starting our meetings today with our Indian counterparts. Each day starts out with a 20 minute devotion, today’s being from Luke 20:19-20, which follows the parable of wicked tenants. We were broken into four groups thereafter, each group given a series of thought-provoking questions to answer. My group was given the following ones, worthy of repeating here…

  1. What makes a church or an individual Christian throw away the capstone of their faith?
  2. What did Jesus want to say to the leaders of the Christian church through this parable?
  3. What does Jesus want to say to you and I personally through this parable?

One of our colleagues sharing a parable from Luke 20:19-20 using pictures to represent the major points of the story

I won’t share some of the answers they came up with but challenge you to think them through on your own. I can say with all integrity though, that some of the comments from my Indian colleagues really got me to thinking and challenged my socks off.

How does one write a thrilling blog entry about a meeting? Doesn’t seem too exciting today from my perspective. Writing about a meeting never is. This is until you realize who’s across the table from you and the long-term impact of what we’re trying to accomplish for God’s Kingdom. Then, what can compare?

Language Project Facilitators

Larry Sallee, a WA trainer, discusses training techniques with our counterparts that are responsible for one or more mother tongue translators.

Ken overlooking Larry's shoulder

I am looking over Larry's shoulder as he demonstrates web-based training modules designed to teach Bible translation software utilization to mother tongue translators and their coordinators.


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