Wweeeellll Ddoooonnne!

21 Oct

I love how God uses people’s gifts and abilities. Ken is a teacher. It doesn’t matter what other title he holds or what work he does, teaching always comes out in all that he does. We’ve all had teachers, some good and some bad. The good ones help us through the hard stuff. Ken has figured out “silly” ways to encourage people as they learn tough tasks, like using a computer mouse for the first time, or figuring out how to use Bible Translation software.

Here’s an update from Ken which shows how he uses his gifts:

I went to class yesterday and it was a tough, but very important, lesson. We worked our way through it and I planned a review. Then I reviewed the review again, as I’ve done the entire week. They seem to pick it up after the review. I’m made games out of it and make noises in the class when they get it right and wrong so we’re laughing along the way. The video that comes with the lessons says real slowly, in a deep voice, “Wwweeelll ddoonnee!” So, I’ve incorporated a “1,2,3” to the class and then we all say, “Wwwelll ddoonnee!” to the person that answers the question correctly. Everyone uses their deepest voice, even the women. It’s hilarious. Now I hear them walking around the campus saying “Well done” in the same way to each other. For an incorrect answer, I hold my nose and say, “Aaaannnt”, portraying the sound a buzzer makes on a game show when you answer incorrectly. Now, they all do that as well. It’s so funny.

What’s your gift and how will you use it this week? I need to find someone to serve since that’s mine! Thanks for praying yet again.

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