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It’s a big deal…to some

It’s so wonderful to see people using their God-given gifts. Often times it doesn’t even feel like work for them.

Ken’s work includes training nationals on Bible translation software. Since everyone learns in different ways, he always includes a variety of modalities when he teaches. Although each course is different, he often teaches and demonstrates how to use the software and/or has the course participants read the material on their own. This is often accompanied by a related video, practicing the concept alone, or solidifying their newly learned material by demonstrating it to their classroom neighbor.

In his most recent trip, Ken created a support document and sent it to our Indonesian counterparts in advance so they could translate it into bahasa Indonesian for the class. They could now read in their Mother Tongue, the language that not only speaks to the heart but facilitates comprehension in the head, to learn the software. We love it when people can use their own language to learn as well as to read God’s Words! Having documentation in your own language is a big deal for our colleagues.

Thank you for your support so that we can use our gifts for the Kingdom of God!



I love Technology!

My favorite man!

My favorite man!

Oh, how times have changed! When we traveled 25 years ago after first joining Wycliffe, our family wouldn’t hear from us for 3-5 days until we had arrived at our location and set up our computer. But now, if Ken is traveling to a large city like he’s in now, we have so many more options.

Ken departed from Orlando, Florida early Saturday morning. He flew to Minneapolis and gave me a call on his cell phone. He texted me goodbye just before departing for Southeast Asia. I woke up Sunday morning to hear he had landed at the country next along the route. By the time I got out of church on Sunday morning, I knew he had landed because I was flight following, keeping an eye on his flight online (before and after church, of course!).

When I was sitting on the couch Sunday night, I got a FaceTime call, with video, from Ken who was starting his first day of work! Video! We don’t get that too often!

Technology is awesome (when it works the way you want it to!) and you have access to it.

Ken is on the other side of the world helping a group embrace some new technology in order to expedite the translation process. New tablets outfitted with an exterior keyboard will house the 51 newly translated stories which can be uploaded after checking to a website that anyone in the world can have access to. From there, each participant will return to their home country and continue to proceed with their Mother Tongue language.

Thank you once again for helping us to make this happen.Your monthly support and prayers allow us to keep the technology coming for our partners around the world.

P. S. The Enemy prowls around looking for whom it can devour…please pray for these participants the next two weeks!



What is MAST?

MASTVideoWhat is MAST?

Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation is an innovative method of Bible Translation. Motivated by the local church, translators, pastors and lay people gather together and can draft large portions of Scripture in a short amount of time. Watch the short video above and it will explain the process in a clear way. God’s Word in the mother tongue brings joy to the heart to those that have received it. Unfortunately, many still lack God’s Word in their mother tongue and have been waiting for too long. This Bible translation method is generating excitement and joy and hopes to reduce and even eliminate that wait!

Ken departs next Tuesday to help support another workshop teaching this method. He’ll be in Papua New Guinea for several weeks working with a large group of people. They will be translating 51 Bible Stories into Tok Pidgin so that they can be uploaded to an open web site. This site will make the Truth of God’s Word available in a new way to a larger audience.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful process.

****As of today, two colleagues that are supposed to accompany Ken on this trip still have not received their visas! We need a miracle to get them there! Please pray for Ken July 28-August 18.



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It’s Arrived!

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Ken and I just returned from our second trip to Long Island, New York this month. What a glorious time we had with two supporting churches. Central Presbyterian Church, in Huntington, was Anne’s home church. We enjoyed getting to see friends from years ago, attend a birthday party and speak to an adult Sunday School Class. The long weekend culminated with us taking the train to the city to see the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Many people lost their lives from my home “neck of the wood”, specifically the son of a woman I always sat next to in choir. It was good to close out that time in our history.

Our second trip was to South Bay Bible Church in East Moriches. This was our second time to visit this church. From last year to this year, they have more than doubled in number which meant that we spoke twice on Sunday morning! This church has a group of people who meet daily (DAILY) at 7:00 am to pray for the church, its members and the community. I’m guessing this is a huge part of why they have grown. We felt so loved by both community of believers.

So…what has arrived?

During Ken’s portion of our update, he mentioned a new app for the Android phone. This app has 51 Bible Stories on it with wonderful accompanying media. It was created for bilingual translators. Here’s how it was recently introduced!

(Orlando, Florida, USA)—Wycliffe Associates, a global organization that empowers national Bible translators around the world, has launched a new, free app that makes Bible stories accessible to smartphone users worldwide.

Called translationStudio, the Android operating system app is available for download on Google Play.

“God’s Word in every language took a giant step toward reality as our translationStudio app was released for free download in the Google Play store,” says Bruce Smith, president and CEO of Wycliffe Associates. “This is just the beginning of developing a tool that puts Bible translation within the reach of Christians worldwide.”

Earlier this year, Wycliffe Associates tested the beta version of the app with translation teams working in some of the most difficult and dangerous regions of the world for Christians. Their feedback has been incorporated into the current release.

The translationStudio app features “Open Bible Stories,” a set of 50 fully illustrated Bible stories. “Open Bible Stories” has been released under Creative Commons’ Attribution Share-Alike licensing, which allows translation into any language, anywhere, at any time, and by anyone—without copyright limitations.

“Open Bible Stories” currently includes a collection of 21 Old Testament stories and 29 New Testament stories and provides a chronological overview of God’s relationship with humanity, from creation to redemption.

“In the coming months, we will have ‘Open Bible Stories’ loaded in at least 50 gateway languages, enabling people who are bilingual in any of these languages to begin translating these Bible stories into their own language,” says Smith. “Once local translators have completed the ‘Open Bible Stories,’ they can easily make the transition into a full Bible translation program. The Open Bible Stories method actually fits perfectly into the culture of many language groups that have a tradition of storytelling handed down through generations.”

The Resource section of the app provides information on key terms and how to overcome translation challenges, intended to assist local translators in creating translations that are clear, natural, and accurate. In addition, collaboration tools enable any number of people to work together, online or offline, to draft and revise their work for the best possible result.

“We are also working to load English source text for the entire Old and New Testament that will be licensed to allow immediate translation into any language, without copyright limitations,” says Smith. “All of this is available at no cost to the local church or their translators.”

The digital format enables the Scriptures to be published immediately and at very low cost through the Internet or by sharing memory cards.

“This project is not finished. It is really just beginning,” says Smith. “We need technicians, app developers, trainers, and Bible scholars to share in maximizing the benefit of these resources to the global church. We need financial partners to include this strategy in their stewardship priorities as a blessing to the world. We need partners to lift this up in prayer, seeking God’s continuing wisdom and guidance for everyone involved.”

We’re pretty excited about this particular tool we now have! Thank you for your support in making it possible!



Photo Update

Ken's food table this week.

Ken’s food table this week.

Our Indian colleagues testing the software.

Ken shares the pros and cons of the different software choices.

Ken shares the pros and cons of the different software choices.

A colleague sharing his experience of using the software.

A colleague sharing his experience of using the software.

Ken Visiting the Taj Mahal.

Ken Visiting the Taj Mahal.



Like Drinking from a Fire Hydrant!



It’s wonderful when you know your job. You walk into work, confident in your abilities. You’ve already planned out how your day will look, scheduling your meetings, breaks and how to organize your day. If you’re like me, you do the work you dislike first. What is that for you? For me, it’s phone calls. (I’m not sure why, but I hate using the phone.)

But if you have a new job, or new responsibilities in your role, your day doesn’t usually go quite as you planned. In fact, it’s difficult to plan your day because you can feel so uncertain in your work.

This is how Ken’s days are playing out. A month or so ago, Ken’s boss called him. “Ken, I’d like you to consider teaching some different software for our team. With your teaching abilities, we really need you to take on this new role.”

Naturally, Ken was interested because if you know Ken, he loves learning new software, especially software that expedites Bible translation. (For other “Strange, but true” stories click here.) But with one new piece of software came the responsibility to learn two other programs. Each program was needed in order for the next to work.

Ken and George

Ken with George working together.

Earlier this month, Ken (and I) ended up flying to Seattle, Washington so that Ken could have several days to work with his new team lead, George. He got a better idea of his responsibilities and started making plans for his first teaching trip with George.

I asked Ken how his work was going recently.

“I feel like I’m drinking out of a fire hydrant!” It’s a bit overwhelming!

But with perseverance, comes success.

Yesterday, he came in and said, “I got something to work!” Yay! Progress.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. We’ll keep you updated!




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Unseen things

Plan for Day One:

1. Arrive on time in prepared classroom.
2. Teach lessons 1-10 of Paratext (BT software)
3. Get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.
4. Eat healthy food that will give me energy for the day.

What REALLY happened:

1. Had to find a classroom in order to teach. After setting up classroom in dining room with only one electrical outlet, the electricity went off. Had to move to another classroom to re-set up.
2. Only had time to teach lessons 1-7 while students shared two computers.
3. Slept from 11pm-1am. Awake from 1am-3am still suffering from jet lag. Slept until 5:30am when awakened by the predominant religion’s call to prayer.
4. Eating food for breakfast that we usually eat at dinner. Adjusting to all meals being similar to the one before.
5. Coping with 102 degree F weather.

I am struck once again that no matter how much we plan, things do not always go as planned. We are at the mercy of others, a new environment, and all sorts of unseen things.

We have two choices…pout and grouse, or pull ourselves together for another day which could include more of the same.

When tired, hungry and mosquito-bitten, I want to pout and grouse! But then I forget and miss what has already occurred!

  • One student got one-on-one training the day before class so that he could help teach the non-English speakers in the class.
  • All students learned many new skills on this amazing software.
  • The students loved the course including the videos, repetition and even the reading aloud! They are enthusiastic about teaching others tomorrow!
  • Hmm, what other unseen things occurred? Only God knows….

Cultural differences, vastly different food, language barriers, lack of electricity, and weather make for a challenging training environment. Ken has struggled with them, but is attempting to begin each day with the Lord’s presence to not only to persevere, but to thrive in this needy and difficult locale.

Thanks for continuing to pray for us! The course continues for two weeks.

Please pray for skilled minds for each student.

Pray for health and strength for Ken and Jobby, his Indian partner.

Pray concerning the goal of 15 verses being ready to be published at the end of this two weeks! A monumental task!



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Keeping busy

“Oh, you’re the IT* guy! I need to talk with YOU!”

That is the response Ken has heard each time he has introduced himself in the last 12 hours!

Thank you for praying! Ken has safely arrived in Jos, Nigeria once again. He ate,napped, and is hoping he can sleep through part of the night before starting work tomorrow. His roommate is a pastor from Orlando, Florida who will be participating in the New Testament workshop.

As mentioned in our email update, Ken will be busy doing behind-the-scenes work on the computers of the Nigerian translators.

Please continue to pray for wisdom as he helps each person the next 10 days.

* IT is pronounced “Eye-Tee” as in “Information Technology.” You know…computer geek guy. 🙂

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Wweeeellll Ddoooonnne!

I love how God uses people’s gifts and abilities. Ken is a teacher. It doesn’t matter what other title he holds or what work he does, teaching always comes out in all that he does. We’ve all had teachers, some good and some bad. The good ones help us through the hard stuff. Ken has figured out “silly” ways to encourage people as they learn tough tasks, like using a computer mouse for the first time, or figuring out how to use Bible Translation software.

Here’s an update from Ken which shows how he uses his gifts:

I went to class yesterday and it was a tough, but very important, lesson. We worked our way through it and I planned a review. Then I reviewed the review again, as I’ve done the entire week. They seem to pick it up after the review. I’m made games out of it and make noises in the class when they get it right and wrong so we’re laughing along the way. The video that comes with the lessons says real slowly, in a deep voice, “Wwweeelll ddoonnee!” So, I’ve incorporated a “1,2,3” to the class and then we all say, “Wwwelll ddoonnee!” to the person that answers the question correctly. Everyone uses their deepest voice, even the women. It’s hilarious. Now I hear them walking around the campus saying “Well done” in the same way to each other. For an incorrect answer, I hold my nose and say, “Aaaannnt”, portraying the sound a buzzer makes on a game show when you answer incorrectly. Now, they all do that as well. It’s so funny.

What’s your gift and how will you use it this week? I need to find someone to serve since that’s mine! Thanks for praying yet again.

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Asia Trip Pics

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