Will we see you?

23 Jan

Ken and Anne will be making two trips this summer. The first trip will be to Long Island, New York and the second to the state of Idaho.

South Bay Bible Church has joined them as a new partner in the work of Bible translation. As mentioned in a previous post, this partnership came out of a friendship from over 28 years ago. Our friend Scott Walker was kind enough to connect us with his church and we are thrilled about this new partnership. We’ll be speaking there the last weekend of May.

South Bay Bible Church

South Bay Bible Church

Ken and Anne’s Charlotte church meets in a highschool. South Bay Bible Church meets in a former Inn! It’s so fun to see where people worship.

Idaho will be the next stop! Jim and Lyn Heath, longtime supporters, invited Ken and Anne to speak in their church. The fun connection is that both the Heath’s and Scott Walker and family were all with us as we started our marriage in the far away state of Wyoming! This will be our first trip to this church. We are excited about making connections and sharing our vision with a new congregation this coming July.

Do you live nearby Long Island or Idaho? We’d love to see you! Send us a note and we’ll connect with you.

If you would like us to speak in your church or to your youth group/VBS…we’re available!

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