Thank You Church!

21 May
Nigerian Paratext II Class

Closing day of the Paratext II Class


I usually give mother tongue translators an opportunity for feedback at the end of a one or two-week course. My last time in Nigeria was no different. The only change though, was that I had communicated to them that my role was changing, that I would be providing training in a new software program, and that it was possible my Bible translation software training was coming to an end. I was taken aback by their reaction.

They would not hear of it instead stating that they were planning on writing my supervisor requesting that I am able to continue providing the instruction they had received. Complimentary in and of itself, they then said something that blew me away!

“We also want to tell your supporting churches and friends a THANK YOU for their role in this because we know that, without them, you couldn’t be here teaching us.”

I have to be honest and tell you I was floored! It was the first time I can remember in our 29 years of ministry history that a group specifically asked to express their appreciation to our supporters. But they did.

Please take a moment and watch this very short Vimeo video expressing their heart-felt thank you. (I added text subtitles so that you understand what they are saying.) It’s not professionally done but I think you’ll agree that their enthusiasm comes across loud and clear.

What a great group to teach.

Enjoy them as much as I have. And allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of our team expediting Bible translation.


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