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Watch this Video and Rejoice

Each Fall, Wycliffe Bible Translators and our partners set aside a day to celebrate the newly translated Bibles that have been dedicated the previous year. Watching the videos of the dedications always brings me to tears as I watch people receiving the very words of God in their Mother Tongue for the first time. They are dancing, shouting and crying as they receive their Bible. Do I do the same?

Because of your support, together we can dance with people from around the world who can understand “Immanuel, God with Us” for the first time this year! Click here to enjoy our partner JAARS video celebration.


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When did you last rush towards your Bible?

Baka NT dedication - readers

Reading immediately after receiving the New Testament in their own language!

Sudan, Africa has had a rough history. Coups, civil war, terrorism, famine and other turmoils have rocked its people.

But in spite of these difficulties, many people have worked on a Bible Translation for the Baka people over the last 30 years. One such person was Rev. Bennett Marona. Invited to help translate the Bible into his mother tongue, it became a priority for him. He worked as a pastor and a translator at different times.

When war came to his village, he like thousands of other people, carried their children to what was then the country of Zaire. They walked for 7 days. Children died, people became ill, and they were hungry and thirsty.

But even while living in a refugee camp, Bible Translation continued!! What tenacity for this job!!

“I continued in this work because I wanted the Baka to hear God’s voice with their own ears, “ says Rev. Marona.

In the Fall of 2017, the Baka New Testament was finally dedicated!

At the ceremony to celebrate, Rev. Marona reported, “God is not far from us now….He is not a foreigner.” 

As the boxes of New Testaments were opened at its dedication, people rushed to the books, not wanting to wait another minute to start reading!! They immediately opened their Bibles and started reading in their own language!

When was the last time I rushed to my Bible?

Your support of Bible Translation has made this possible. Praise God with us today!

Click Shine to see a video of this fabulous story!!!



Celebrate with us! You did it!

Here is a short video from Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA president Bob Creson. This is the progress we made in giving everyone God’s Word in their mother tongue in 2016. Your prayers and support made it possible! Let’s praise God together!



What is MAST?

MASTVideoWhat is MAST?

Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation is an innovative method of Bible Translation. Motivated by the local church, translators, pastors and lay people gather together and can draft large portions of Scripture in a short amount of time. Watch the short video above and it will explain the process in a clear way. God’s Word in the mother tongue brings joy to the heart to those that have received it. Unfortunately, many still lack God’s Word in their mother tongue and have been waiting for too long. This Bible translation method is generating excitement and joy and hopes to reduce and even eliminate that wait!

Ken departs next Tuesday to help support another workshop teaching this method. He’ll be in Papua New Guinea for several weeks working with a large group of people. They will be translating 51 Bible Stories into Tok Pidgin so that they can be uploaded to an open web site. This site will make the Truth of God’s Word available in a new way to a larger audience.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful process.

****As of today, two colleagues that are supposed to accompany Ken on this trip still have not received their visas! We need a miracle to get them there! Please pray for Ken July 28-August 18.



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Joy in the Word

When was the last time you couldn’t wait to get your hands on your Bible again? Or when was the last time you picked up God’s Word with real enthusiasm and eager anticipation?

On October 14 of last year, the Sokarek people of Papua New Guinea received God’s Word for the first time in history in their own language. How would you have responded if you were them? How did they respond?

May I encourage you to watch this short 3 minute video ( and give attention to how the Sokarek people receive their newly translated Bible. They march with pride into the village holding their New Testament up high. Some sit still, reading their new Bible with serious and purposeful intensity. I can’t help but wonder about my reaction to my approach to God’s Word each day. Watch and see. I believe, like me, your heart will be moved.


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Thank You Church!

Nigerian Paratext II Class

Closing day of the Paratext II Class


I usually give mother tongue translators an opportunity for feedback at the end of a one or two-week course. My last time in Nigeria was no different. The only change though, was that I had communicated to them that my role was changing, that I would be providing training in a new software program, and that it was possible my Bible translation software training was coming to an end. I was taken aback by their reaction.

They would not hear of it instead stating that they were planning on writing my supervisor requesting that I am able to continue providing the instruction they had received. Complimentary in and of itself, they then said something that blew me away!

“We also want to tell your supporting churches and friends a THANK YOU for their role in this because we know that, without them, you couldn’t be here teaching us.”

I have to be honest and tell you I was floored! It was the first time I can remember in our 29 years of ministry history that a group specifically asked to express their appreciation to our supporters. But they did.

Please take a moment and watch this very short Vimeo video expressing their heart-felt thank you. (I added text subtitles so that you understand what they are saying.) It’s not professionally done but I think you’ll agree that their enthusiasm comes across loud and clear.

What a great group to teach.

Enjoy them as much as I have. And allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of our team expediting Bible translation.


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Those last four words

Those last four words…

Most people know the story of Jonah in the Bible. Runaway prophet, he ends up spending three days in the belly of a large fish after being thrown overboard by god-believing (small g intentional) sailors.

After having enough of his dark, smelly quarters, he relents and decides to follow God’s instructions to go to the city of Nineveh to warn them of God’s impending judgment. Much to his surprise and chagrin, they repent immediately.

Jonah is ticked off with God. He wanted the evil Ninevites to feel the wrath of God. He’s judgment-oriented and wants people to get what they deserve. But he testifies about the character of God when he says, “I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity.”

After Jonah relishes in his self-thrown pity party, God quietly rebukes him, reminding Jonah that he has been concerned about the unimportant things in life (like a dying vine), rather than the 120,000 people of Nineveh that could have died.

Requisite cute animal photo!

Requisite cute animal photo!

And then comes those last four words….

“and also many animals.”

God was concerned that if the people of Nineveh were judged, their animals would suffer too.

God is an animal lover! That warms my heart since I’m pretty crazy about my dog, Brandy.

Cute Brandy photo!

Requisite cute Brandy photo!

But more than an animal lover, God cares about the small ones who can’t help themselves. Isn’t that wonderful?

The work of Bible Translation does the same thing…it attempts to bring the very Words of God to those who can’t get access to it themselves. Some of those people groups are small, just thousands, but if God would lift his hand for just a few thousands Ninevites and their animals, shouldn’t we do the same?

Each month, many of you lift us up in prayer or write a check out on our behalf so that the work of Bible Translation can continue. You must have the heart of God!

So thank you. Just like God’s care of those animals, illustrated by those last four words, you care. And we’re not complaining!

Click here to see Wycliffe USA’s president and his wife say a word of thanks to you too.

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The Road to Transformation

Road to TransformationHere is a short video which clearly explains the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

It’s a lot of work! We each have a small part in this huge task.

Thank you for playing your part!

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We see your part in the task!

Translating the Bible into a new language is not an easy task. It takes time and there are many critical junctions along the way. Check out this short four-minute video to see the path our translators must take.
Click here.

Can you see your role in this task? We couldn’t do our part without you. Thanks so much!

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Can you imagine?

Can you imagine moving away from your home country? Can you imagine saying goodbye to family members, knowing that you’ll probably not see them for the next four years? Can you imagine trying to quickly adjust to a new culture while trying to unpack, shop, and get over jet lag?

The Winkler’s are a new family that have just arrived in Nigeria in order to work for Wycliffe Bible Translators. They are tired, scared, and trying to adjust. This video reminded me of arriving in Indonesia in 1992 for the first time. Excited, but wow, what a change! This is the second of their videos. If you’re brave, you can watch the first one when they said goodbye to their family. Warning: It may make you cry!

Winkler Video: Part Two

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