Print On Demand

27 Jan

The Bible Translation task has so many components to it! From finding people to do the work, training people in translation principles, teaching people to read in their own language, and checking there are so many areas where there can be a “wall” which keeps people from receiving God’s words in their own language.

David Lin and his Nigerian Team

David Lin and his Nigerian Team

Ken works on a tech team that covers a multitude of technology solutions aiding and facilitating Bible Translation. One of the newest areas of work is called “Print on Demand.” When Bible translation teams finish a book of the Bible, they are quite anxious to get the text into the hands of local pastors and the congregations for both reading and checking. In contrast to waiting until the entire Bible is translated and printed, there is a greater degree of buy-in ultimately increasing the possibility of Scripture acceptance because the church is engaged early in the process.

POD room

Print on demand (POD) room

Although the POD setup has one or two computers, printers, laminators, creasers, binders, 3-hole punches, and staplers, it still has a small footprint and easy to maintain. Printing portions of the Bible can be done on a copier with basic binding.

Print on Demand (POD) is now being deployed in a number of countries to aid in their printing process. This equipment allows translators to easily copy and bind a book up to 1.5 inches in depth. Not only are portions of the Bible getting to the local church faster, the equipment is also being used so that local translators can be self funded by printing for other groups.

The finished product!

The finished product!


David Lin, a Wycliffe Associates tech team member,  recently deployed POD equipment in Nigeria. Ken traveled there many times, teaching Bible Translation software. 120 Bible translation projects are in process with more than 500 more to go! Nigeria is a large country with many languages and so it is one of the countries that we are focusing on.

As soon as the equipment was set up, they were handed a flash drive with some immediate copying needs:
3000 copies of the Minor Prophets in the Tarok language!
2000 copies of the book of Luke in the Etulo language!
250 copies of a full color 14 page booklet for a graduation ceremony held that afternoon!

Please pray for these gifted workers as they embark on this new endeavor.

Your prayers and gifts are enabling us to participate in giving God’s words to language groups all over the world.



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