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Looking for a new printer?

I was looking for a new, wireless printer recently and found myself looking through a multitude of web sites/pages to find the best, most affordable one. If you find yourself in the same boat, look no more. Well, at least here’s a place to start.

PC Magazine has just published an article on their Top 10 Best Printers. Take a look and let me know what you think.


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A Fast Way to Improve Computer Performance

If it suddenly seems that your computer is running real slow and the drive light is flickering like crazy (geek speak = “thrashing”), you can correct the problem by installing more memory. And, for most systems it’s not that hard. So, before you tear down your system, unplug the cables, lug the machine to the car, drive to the computer store, wait to have RAM installed, and pay for the service—read Microsoft At Home’s article entitled, “Add More Memory to Your Computer” on how to install it yourself.

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Spring Cleaning

With the coming of spring comes spring cleaning. As they say in Poland, “you gotta do what spring cleaningya gotta do” so we get to it. But, have you ever thought about spring cleaning your computer?

Here’s an excellent PC Magazine article on cleaning up your computer. I’ve also included a link on PC Mag’s best Tune Up Utilities, both free and paid.

Here’s an excellent and helpful TechRepublic checklist entitled “Items to Address with a PC  Tune-up” that will help you remember WHAT to focus on in maintaining your computer.

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Best Free Microsoft Downloads and Cool Win 7 tools

Gizmo’s, one of favorite sites to discovering free software, has an excellent article on free Microsoft software. Gizmo’s also has recommendations for Apple and Linux operating systems.

Both Anne and I have an e-book reader. Anne has a Nook, from Barnes & Noble, and I have an Amazon Kindle. We both love our readers – they are so compact but are able to store so much reading material. So, we found this article on free e-books quite helpful.

See for more information.

Tech Republic is one of my favorite web sites. They recently published this following article on 10 cool Windows 7 tools. Check it out…

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