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step by stepUpdate from afar…
Ken is spending a lot of time working through the process of “configuring Paratext’s Send and Receive.” He spent hours working on just one language project yesterday. What’s good is that three national translators are sitting next to him, working through each step, and learning in the process.

Teaching takes longer than just doing it yourself, doesn’t it? But in the end, training will bring them to independence.

Do to the huge amount of tech needs, some other people will be coming in to help, as it’s just too much for one person to get done. Yay!

I heard that the consultant, Heidi, was able to get her paperwork secured and has left the country with her daughter in order to get her the medical help she needs. No update yet on how they are doing.

Thank you for praying!


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Safe with Scorpions

Ken has arrived in Jos, Nigeria once again. I’m always grateful to get a text message or email to let me know he is at his final destination. Today, I got a phone call for Mother’s Day! I love hearing his voice.

Tomorrow Ken and a group of others from Wycliffe Bible Translators partner, Jaars, whose campus is in our town of Waxhaw, NC, will start sharing the duties of teaching and doing tech support for a group of Nigerian Bible Translators. Most will stay for three weeks but Ken’s work will be one week long.

Thanks for praying. He’s doing something new this trip. Although he’s studied the material it’s always nerve-wracking to do work on someone else’s data. He’d hate to lose any of their hard work!



P. S. This scorpion was found in the kitchen of the guesthouse he’s staying in. We’re not used to seeing those kinds of insects on the east coast of the USA!

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Asia Trip Pics

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Bible Translation–Mission Impossible Style

“Your task, Mother Tongue Translator, is to translate each book of the New Testament into your language, that which speaks to your heart. If you choose to accept it, the work will be difficult and time-consuming, but the completed task has the potential to save many, many lives. The message, unlike Ethan Hunt’s, will not NOT self-destruct in 10 seconds, but instead, may leave a legacy for years to come. Good luck.”

If you took the challenge where would you begin to translate the New Testament?

12 Steps of Translation

12 Steps of Bible Translation

The Bible translation task has many challenging steps to it and one needs to be thorough in each. But, although you may not be versed (no pun intended) in the Bible translation process itself, the chances are you bring some prerequisite skills to the table.  At the very least, you know how to turn a computer on, use a mouse, and open and close programs. But, what if you had never touched a computer or, better yet, even seen one? Where do we begin training mother tongue translators, committed to bringing God’s Word to their people group, that are just like this? Where do we begin?

We begin with small steps, first teaching very basic computer utilization skills. Using Solitaire or computer games to teach mouse skills, and then progressing to how to use Bible translation programs like Paratext, specifically designed for that purpose.

Today, we walked through the steps of the translation process and identified which Paratext functions are used by the Mother Tongue Translators at each specific point in the process. The next step will be to create web-based or paper training material for them. Benjamin, our Indian colleague,  did a great job leading the discussions.



Our Indian colleagues are working under some very challenging conditions. Jayakumar (shown below displaying a Paratext feature) and Benjamin (above) are the only two computer support staff providing technical support to 22 language projects. That means that these two servants provide language and computer technical support to a total of 45 translators and 12 to 15 Language Project Facilitators & Language Project Coordinators. Additionally, they provide technical support to office staff who use multiple office computers.



This is why we’re here. Lending a hand, coming along side, and supporting. Just like you do for us. Thanks for praying.


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India – Day 2

Woke up this morning at 4:30 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m still jet-lagged so I could have used the sleep. On the other hand, the hour in the morning allowed me some uninterrupted time alone with God and in my Bible. An hour of reading God’s Word and prayer is so refreshing that it makes me wonder why I don’t MAKE time for it more often. Wish I had an answer.

My colleagues and I starting our meetings today with our Indian counterparts. Each day starts out with a 20 minute devotion, today’s being from Luke 20:19-20, which follows the parable of wicked tenants. We were broken into four groups thereafter, each group given a series of thought-provoking questions to answer. My group was given the following ones, worthy of repeating here…

  1. What makes a church or an individual Christian throw away the capstone of their faith?
  2. What did Jesus want to say to the leaders of the Christian church through this parable?
  3. What does Jesus want to say to you and I personally through this parable?

One of our colleagues sharing a parable from Luke 20:19-20 using pictures to represent the major points of the story

I won’t share some of the answers they came up with but challenge you to think them through on your own. I can say with all integrity though, that some of the comments from my Indian colleagues really got me to thinking and challenged my socks off.

How does one write a thrilling blog entry about a meeting? Doesn’t seem too exciting today from my perspective. Writing about a meeting never is. This is until you realize who’s across the table from you and the long-term impact of what we’re trying to accomplish for God’s Kingdom. Then, what can compare?

Language Project Facilitators

Larry Sallee, a WA trainer, discusses training techniques with our counterparts that are responsible for one or more mother tongue translators.

Ken overlooking Larry's shoulder

I am looking over Larry's shoulder as he demonstrates web-based training modules designed to teach Bible translation software utilization to mother tongue translators and their coordinators.


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Ken is on his way to India

I just dropped Ken and his colleague, Russ Perry, off at the Charlotte airport. They are on their way to India! This is a first trip to that large country for Ken. They plan on visiting two Indian organizations. We are partnering with them to provide IT technical support for 50 new Bible translation projects that are starting there.  Those 50 new projects represent 45% of the remaining translation needs in India!

Russ wrote on his blog: “One organization has asked us to help them develop training methods and materials that will be used to teach mother tongue translators how to use a computer program that was created specifically for translating the Bible. The other organization has asked us to help train their technicians who will provide computer support for mother tongue translators. Please pray that solid relationships will be formed, that we will communicate well, and that God will guide our partnership team to the most effective ways to provide the training to those who need it.”

They return home in two weeks. We’ll try to keep you updated as I hear from Ken. Thanks for praying!


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Back It Up!

I once heard a dentist say, “Only brush the teeth you want to keep.” Makes sense. But what does that have to do with Bible Translation, computers, and/or computing?

It’s the principle. In other words, back up only those files you want to keep.

People are now using their computer for both work and home use, saving critical information, photos, videos, and the like. Unfortunately, I have encounter only a few that regularly backing up their computer despite the fact that Windows, Macs, and Linux systems have their own back up software and, if you don’t like them, free third-party programs as well.

I recently came across this article about backing up one’s computer. Although it written some time ago, it is still quite relevant. Click here to read more.

I personally use the Windows 7 built-in image creator and restore disc to prepare for a hard drive failure. I also back up my computer data to two different external USB hard drives. It works well. The major disadvantage though, is that the hard drives are in the same location so all of my data would be lost in the event of a fire or flood. And, although some would say that my computer data would be the least of my worries in a situation like that, I still don’t want to take a chance loosing years of data including twenty six years of ministry pictures. Backing up to the cloud would certainly help in this case. I just need to get around to it.

The following articles evaluate various online back up services. May I encourage you take a look and choose one. In the event of a hard drive catastrophic failure, you’ll be glad you did.
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iTunes Syncing

Several people have contacted me about helping them move their iTunes to a new computer. In all honesty, I have found the process somewhat confusing so I’ve done some research that might be of assistance to both you and I alike. I hope it helps.

The first article is on the Apple website. The second comes from a TechRepublic article.

If you have easier methods or additional information that might help others, please share them with us. We would love to hear them.


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Windows Search Function Tricks

I was searching for a document on my hard drive the other day and received a long list of results. “There has got to be an easier way than this!”, I thought. Then I came TechRepublic’s article entitled, Take advantage of Search filters in Windows Explorer that offered some new search techniques and tricks.

I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

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Free tools for removing malicious software

Check out this TechRepublic article listing free tools for removing malicious software. It’s worth downloading the tools and installing them.


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