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What is it Worth?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? The question is somewhat subjective so I don’t know that I can answer it. I can say however, that if you get excited about people around the world coming to know Jesus, it would be well worth your time to watch this video. It really would. Because the people portrayed in the video felt that walking in the jungle for days to hear about Jesus was worth it.

Click here to view the video.

I wonder… would it be worth it to me, to us?

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He Is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Here is a lovely poem by Max Lucado for this Easter Day. If you’d like to view it as an ecard with some gorgeous music you can do so here. We hope you have had a gorgeous day celebrating our Saviour’s resurrection.

With love, Anne and Ken

His Name is Jesus by Max Lucado
He could hold the universe in His palm
but gave it up to float
in the womb of a maiden.
Christ became one of us.
and He did so to redeem all of us.
The man…
who spoke with such thunderous authority
and loved with such childlike humility.
The life of Jesus Christ
is a message of hope,
a message of mercy,
a message of life in a dark world.
The palm that held the universe
took the nail of a soldier.
On the eve of the cross,
Jesus made His decision.
He would rather
go to hell for you
than go to heaven without you.
the moment He removed the stone,
He removed all reason for doubt.
Christ’s resurrection
is an exploding flare
announcing to all sincere seekers
that it is safe to believe.
-Max Lucado

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Mary Gardner Paid It All

Mary Gardner, a translator with Wycliffe, recently paid the ultimate price to serve her Lord.  I dare say if you were to talk with her today she would say she lived life to its’ fullest.


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Windows Search Function Tricks

I was searching for a document on my hard drive the other day and received a long list of results. “There has got to be an easier way than this!”, I thought. Then I came TechRepublic’s article entitled, Take advantage of Search filters in Windows Explorer that offered some new search techniques and tricks.

I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

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Lord, Teach Us How to Pray

Do you sometimes have difficulty knowing how to pray, what to pray for, or how to pray without repeating the same stuff over and over again? I know I do. And, I suspect I’m not alone. In fact, Jesus’ disciples experienced the same problem and they walked with him.

My brother-in-law, Alan, is a pastor. This past holiday, he gave me the “Bookmark Prayer Card Sampler Pack” prayer cards from NavPress that he had received and thoroughly enjoyed, suggesting that I would too. He was right. They are topical, very specific in their wording, and articulate prayer in ways that I can’t. So, I’ve been reading and praying through them.

We have a holiday tradition where each of us share a special event in our lives over the past year. Esther, Alan’s wife, challenged our children to pick up the torch of Christ and carry it strong. Immediately thereafter, I read one of the prayer cards that addresses that very issue. So I decided to share it because, as my daughters, nieces, and nephews are especially dear to my heart, so is prayer for them. I hope it is helpful and/or challenging to you as well.

I am writing it out in its’ entirety so you have a better idea what I mean. I hope it means as much to you or challenges you in your prayer life as much as it has meant to me and challenged me to pray for my daughters, nieces, and nephews. Read the rest of this entry »


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Sending Large Files

Sharing large files can sometimes be a challenge. Email administrators often limit the size one can attach to their email and send through the servers. And, there are sites that allow you to share large files but many of them limit the size to 100 MB or so. At, you can upload files as large as 5 GB. They’re easy to download, too. I like not having to wait and there are no ads or complications. also offers free 2 GB file and folder transfers but their free version limits one to 100 MB. A paid subscription allows for much larger files.

Remember too, that you can also send files through Skype when you Skyping with a friend or family member. The user on the other end of your conversation has to allow the file to be sent to their computer and it seems a little slow but it does work.

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