Home Sweet Temp Home

05 Jul

Sleeping quarters

On Wednesday, Ken finally arrived at his final destination. He spent the two previous days helping clean up viruses on computers while in Jos. The recipients were from 16 different language groups attending a workshop.

Here is a short account of his trip:

“We left Jos for Taraba at 8:00 this morning and arrived here around 4:30 PM. The drive wasn’t too bad. The Bible College we are staying at is something like 2 miles down a rain-erosioned dirt road off the main road. My room is small with a mattress on the floor and mosquito net covering it. There is a large drum of water outside of the bathroom where we will be dipping buckets of water in and showering via bowls of water poured over our heads. Same method for toilet flushing. No electricity but the generator runs from 7-10 each night. I can send/receive email though via a cellular modem. Mosquitoes are bad so I’m using repellant. The people are very friendly. I’ve attached a picture of my bedroom for the next 8 days.

We will be meeting Friday afternoon to go over next week’s schedule to maximize our time together but it seems that I am already planned to teach File Management on Friday morning. They are in the beginning stages of computer utilization.” (Most of these mother tongue translators are new to using computers so the lessons will include the basics like opening and closing windows, saving data, and things like that.)

Please continue to pray that all of the translators will make it to the training and that all of the hardware and software would work. It’s amazing how often things break down when we are trying to work on getting God’s Word into a new language! This work does not make Satan happy! Thank you for praying!


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