Feet are moving…

03 Jul

Road trip anyone?

Ken is now in Jos, Nigeria. He is at the center that he usually stays in while in Nigeria. When he arrived, there was a workshop in session in Jos and his help was needed right away. He’s jumped in to help out while waiting for another translator to arrive. Together they will be driven down south tomorrow, Wednesday, to a place called Zing. It’ll be 11.5 hours apparently. They will be in Zing for the duration fo this trip.

Here’s how we can all be praying!

  • There are huge spikes in the electricity right now. Ken is afraid to plug anything in. His flashlight bulb has already exploded…literally! This can really do a number on all of the hardware obviously.
  • No internet connection where he is and there may not be any for the next two weeks. I don’t know if this is a problem for teaching, but we can pray about that.
  • Some changes in teaching leadership….Ken was supposed to be a helper to someone else doing the teaching for this trip, but it looks like he and the translator may be teaching the Paratext course afterall. (this is a tool for Bible Translators).  Pray for peace, and appropriate lessons for this particular group. We don’t want to overwhelm new learners!

Thank you so much. If I hear more, I’ll let you know.

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