A bit of trouble for some

09 Jul

This is why we must continue to pray for our colleagues and co-workers…

An IT team (not Ken’s) was robbed last week while traveling in Nigeria. Thanks be to God that no one was badly hurt and all of the computer equipment was saved. If you click here you can read the whole story or listen to the radio interview of David Reeves, Ken’s boss. Look on the top right side of the page for audio.

Ken attended a local Nigerian church yesterday. He told me that when they took the offering, people stood up and danced down the aisle while putting their money in the basket. How cool is that? I can’t remember ever dancing as I turned in my tithe!

The joy of giving! May we all have that same enthusiasm this week! Giving in funds, giving in our time, giving in our prayers…you can even dance while doing it!

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