It’s all a matter of perspective

27 Mar
Snake eating a lizard. Source: ntnews

Snake eating a lizard.
Source: ntnews

My friend’s daughter and family just moved to Papua New Guinea to serve as teachers to missionary children for the next two years. They are getting some field training and are in a classroom themselves for a few weeks.

They posted a photo of a snake eating a lizard in their classroom (not the photo above) on their blog. They casually mentioned, “There was some discussion as to whether we should leave the snake in the rafters so that it would kill the rats and mice in the classroom, or remove it.”

What? Who would think about leaving a snake to hang over your head while you were studying???? Trust me, if I were there, it would be a short discussion! Get rid of the snake!

Apparently, there were others like me. They caught the snake and it’s happily (we hope) living in a tank in the classroom for all to (safely) see.

This got me thinking about what other things might be obvious (and good decision-making!) and important to me, but not necessarily to others that share my space.

  • I can’t understand seeing stacks and stacks of shoes in other people’s closets and so have a minimum number of pairs of shoes, but if you get me near a lawn and garden center, I can’t resist buying a plant or two or three….
  • Eating out everyday? Hmm, I sure love to have someone cook for me, but I do like my own cooking and I love saving money by eating at home.

It’s all a matter of perspective. What’s important to me may not be to others.

What does God see as important?
His Words.

It’s why we work for Wycliffe Bible Translators and have done so for the last 22 years. We’re in the “business” of both people and giving them God’s Words in their Mother Tongue.

It’s important to many of you too, since so many of you are our supporters and have been so for many years.

So thanks…once again. We love doing the obvious!

P. S. Is there anything that’s important to you but not so much to others? Drop us a line!

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