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A Fast Learner

Fast Learners on Bible Translation Software!

It was 2012. Ken took a trip to an Asian country. He and his colleagues were tasked with developing and testing Bible translation software training materials. The group that they were testing with had never been involved in Bible Translation. They were new to the concept and were looking at the software for the first time.

Fast forward 5 short years. Ken’s colleague recently visited that same country and while there, came upon one of the translators. Much to our delight, he and his colleagues had just finished drafting the New Testament for their community!

A draft! Of the entire New Testament! Plans are in place that it will be consultant checked this Fall!

Praise God with us!  Each of us have done our part in allowing others to gain this new portion of Scripture! We were given the opportunity to do the training, you provided for our salary to serve through training, and others did the work of learning the software and laboriously working through the New Testament, verse by verse, so that others can read God’s Word in their own language!!

We thank you again, for your partnership!

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Two Verbs: Come & Go

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 2.28.16 PMWycliffe Bible Translators is celebrating 75 years of existence in 2017! We’re proud to have been part of that heritage for over a third of that time (27 years). On the occasion of their 50th anniversary, acclaimed preacher, Billy Graham, spoke to a group of people about the importance of Bible Translation.

Listen to this 2+ minute Billy Graham video of his impassioned plea for workers! In it he says, “It might be said that Jesus only had two verbs: ‘Come & Go’. Come unto me and Go into all the world!” 

Thank you for being a part of this important work. We’re doing it together!

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The Look

Everyone parent and every child knows “the Look.” You know, when the child is fidgeting in church and you turn to them and “look” at them? Or maybe it’s at the dinner table! Everyone is holding hands so you can pray and then two kids start arguing because one is squeezing the hand of the other too hard? They get “the Look” from the parent.


Cut. It. Out.

It might look like this:


Or this:

Credit: business2community

When my dad gave me “the Look” or when my husband gave our girls “the Look” they usually stopped what they were doing immediately and settled down. While each of us love our children immensely, sometimes we don’t love their behavior. “The Look” gets them back on track.

In John 18, we read the account of Peter who denies Jesus three times when asked if he was a follower of Jesus. The book of Luke (22:61-62)  records that Jesus “looked straight at Peter” after he refused to admit three times to others that he was a follower of Jesus.

The difference between my parenting look and this look of Jesus was that this was not a gesture of condemnation. Instead, it was one of complete love and of one who knew Peter’s heart. He knew that Peter loved Him deeply, he knew that Peter would deny Him (he had warned him), yet he still loved him.

What struck me again was the difference between Peter’s remorse over his sin and Judas’ actions after he had turned Jesus in. While Judas immediately ran out and hung himself, Peter didn’t. He wept bitterly, but he still came to the place where Jesus was hung on a cross. We know from later chapters and church history that Peter went on to be a great leader and writer in the church.

Why the difference?

Because one had a relationship with Jesus and the other didn’t. Judas hung out with Jesus and looked like he was a disciple of Him, but his heart had never really changed. He was the same sinful Judas, whereas Peter spent the same amount of time with Jesus and had a changed life. Yes, he was loud and impulsive (sounds like me) but little by little, he turned different areas over to the Lordship of his Savior.

We don’t have the privilege of physically walking and talking with Jesus, but we do have the Holy Spirit with us here on earth who guides us as we have a relationship with the entire Trinity.

We have been given God’s very words to read and study so we can learn from people like Judas, Peter, and even Jesus Himself. That’s why we are committed to getting God’s Word in to the hands of the Bibleless people of the world!

Who will you be today? Choose to be a Peter…a follower…a sojourner. Then when you get “the Look” you’ll know it is one full of love, not condemnation, and you too can look forward to the day when you see Jesus face to face.

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3000…not a bad number!

3000 NTWycliffe Bible Translators recently celebrated their 3,000 translated Bible! It’s so great to be part of an organization that is ridding the world of Bible Poverty. 

Thank you for your part! Less than 2,000 Bibles to go!

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This just in from our Headquarters

The last day to make a tax-deductible contribution for 2016 is Dec. 31. Online gifts may be made at until 11:45 p.m. ET. For those who want to make a donation by phone, the Wycliffe team will be covering the phones until 6 p.m. ET on Friday, Dec. 30, and between 1-6 p.m. ET on Saturday, Dec. 31. To make contributions via phone, please call toll free at 800-WYCLIFFE (992-5433).

Thank you for your continued support ending Bible poverty!


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Looking to DOUBLE your gift?

Double the impact of your gift to Wycliffe with a Corporate Matching Gift.

Many corporations around the U.S. match their employees’ charitable donations to organizations like Wycliffe. Some will even match contributions by employee spouses’ or retirees’, and volunteer hours. Check out the Double the Donation tool at to see if your employer participates in the corporate matching gifts, then contact your employer for detailed information. An FAQ is also available at the webpage.

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Like to Travel? Like to Serve?

Would you like to work with the kids of missionaries, missionary kids (MKs), overseas?

Here is an opportunity for adults to serve Wycliffe MKs through a VBS-type program.

Refuge 139 will be leading several retreats for Wycliffe MKs during their parents’ branch conferences in various locations around the world. We are looking for mature, Christian adults who love to work with children/teens. Come as an individual or bring a group from your church!

Mission . . .

supporting missionary families by ministering to their children through fellowship, worship, evangelism, prayer and Bible study

Your Trip includes. . .

pre-field material, in-country orientation/training, fun in-country outing, assisting with the Refuge 139 program, trip debrief by experienced Refuge 139 staff


airfare + $1500 (includes room/board, in country expenses, visa, evacuation insurance)

When and Where:

March 18 – April 2: Cameroon

June 6 – 15: Nepal

July 21 – 29: Thailand (Full)

July 24 – Aug 4: Malaysia

March 2017: Papua New Guinea

For more information send an email to or call 704-843-6042




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