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Keeping busy

“Oh, you’re the IT* guy! I need to talk with YOU!”

That is the response Ken has heard each time he has introduced himself in the last 12 hours!

Thank you for praying! Ken has safely arrived in Jos, Nigeria once again. He ate,napped, and is hoping he can sleep through part of the night before starting work tomorrow. His roommate is a pastor from Orlando, Florida who will be participating in the New Testament workshop.

As mentioned in our email update, Ken will be busy doing behind-the-scenes work on the computers of the Nigerian translators.

Please continue to pray for wisdom as he helps each person the next 10 days.

* IT is pronounced “Eye-Tee” as in “Information Technology.” You know…computer geek guy. 🙂

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Two Exceptional Software Utilities

For years I’ve used two programs called FolderClone Pro and FolderMatch to back up and/or synchronize my data. Both these programs and others are created by Saltybrine software, a company run by dedicated Christians that use their resources for kingdom purposes. They are excellent utilities, as attested to by the comments on their homepage and reviews by others.

May I encourage you to give them a try as well. You’re data will be secure and you won’t be sorry.