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What’s new for you? (Ignore the first post please!)

Another year! A fresh start! The older I get the more grateful I am for each year and day that I have before me.

Like most of you I started writing down a list of goals for this year. As I did I came across a wonderful quote by Dave Ramsey.

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

What a great statement! I can’t believe how many times I have made a list of goals, only to find them unreached. I think I forgot to plan out my goals! So this month I am trying to fill in some details for each of my goals.

Goal: Exercise regularly
Plan: Work out three times a week
Monday-5:30pm Cardio Fitness Wednesday-4:00pm Machines and Treadmill Friday-9:00am Walk around the neighborhood

I might actually meet this goal this time! Of course, I have other goals relating to my spiritual goals, my educational goals, my relationship goals… But as my daughter reminded me, every goal cannot be the number one priority. Some things must become lesser goals.

One of my top priorities is finishing my degree. Yikes! It’s scary to even write that one out publicly. But it’s something I’ve started and stopped working on for many years. It’s time to get it finished!

In order to do that, I need to cut some other priorities out of my life. For me, that required putting in my resignation for my job working for the Wycliffe Europe Area office. This was a tough one for me because I’ve absolutely loved my work the last 3 1/2 years and I’ve loved the relationships that came out of my role. But with the distance between Charlotte, NC and Germany growing larger, along with wanting to take some classes locally, it was time to give it up. I hope that as I improve my writing and communication skills I can be used in a greater way for the Lord in the future.

What are your goals for this year? I’d love to hear from you. We can keep each other accountable! Family is always a priority for me. We enjoyed ours over the holidays as you can see from the photo below.

The Haugh Family 2012

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Growth in Hungary!

Our colleague Erna (back, far right) with some seekers in Hungary.

Working for Wycliffe Europe Area allows me to share in the varied work of others in my office. Wolfgang and Erna Binder carry dual roles as the Wycliffe Austria director as well as the Central and Eastern Europe Area director. They are a huge help with some of our newer offices which opened after the fall of communism.

Our Wycliffe Hungary office opened about 10 years ago. Every two years or so they put on a week-long event called, “Camp Wycliffe”. Those interested in Wycliffe Bible Translators can come and listen to not only information about our organization but vital lectures on knowing God’s Will.

This years Wycliffe Camp took place July 4 – 8 in Hungary. Wolfgang told us, “The group was smaller than in past years but there were a number of potential applicants. One of the participants, Lilla, who already speaks four languages, even told us on the last evening that she wants to become a Bible translator. So as a result of this camp at least one additional people group could be receiving the Word of God some day!

It was especially encouraging to meet three colleagues who had attended a camp like this two and four years ago, respectively, and have become members of Wycliffe in the meantime. So, after years of sowing,a time of harvest has come (Matthew 9:38).”

Praise God with us as new workers are being raised in countries we never dreamed would be open to the gospel just a few short years ago! It should remind me to continue to pray for other nations that seem “closed” right now.

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To my “home town”!

Anne acting silly on a Smart Car in Frankfurt, Germany.

I, Anne, have returned from my latest trip to Germany. I had the opportunity to work in the office, planning some meetings for the Fall, as well as participate in our twice yearly staff meetings. Like me, half of our staff work remotely from our office which is in Germany. A few staff came as far as South Africa! So it is always nice to connect with our group, pray for each other and make sure our strategies are aligned as we served our partners in Europe.

Tomorrow, we take off for New York! We’re both excited to get back to Long Island where I grew up. I have such good memories of my childhood. I had a great family, good neighbors and my family and I attended a wonderful church called Central Presbyterian Church. As the saying goes, “If the doors were open, we were there.” We had lots of opportunities to serve at Central and most of the time it was in the music ministry with my dad greatly involved in missions. Two of my loves!

So this Sunday, July 17th,  we’ll be speaking at Central in the morning. Friday, July 22nd, we will be visiting the First Baptist Church of Brewster, a fantastic church we attended for five years. The next Sunday, July 24th, we’ll be speaking at another wonderful church, Dix Hills Evangelical Free Church. This is the church where my grandparents, Norman and Martha Clayton, worshiped when in New York. They, too, have stood by us for many years as we’ve served either with Children’s Bible Fellowship or Wycliffe Bible Translators. We’ll be doing a presentation we’ve entitled, “Looking Back, Charging Forward” to highlight our last 20 years with Wycliffe and the people who have made it possible.

Hope we can see some of you there! Please pray for us that our message will go forth in a clear way. Our job is not done!


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