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I love Technology!

My favorite man!

My favorite man!

Oh, how times have changed! When we traveled 25 years ago after first joining Wycliffe, our family wouldn’t hear from us for 3-5 days until we had arrived at our location and set up our computer. But now, if Ken is traveling to a large city like he’s in now, we have so many more options.

Ken departed from Orlando, Florida early Saturday morning. He flew to Minneapolis and gave me a call on his cell phone. He texted me goodbye just before departing for Southeast Asia. I woke up Sunday morning to hear he had landed at the country next along the route. By the time I got out of church on Sunday morning, I knew he had landed because I was flight following, keeping an eye on his flight online (before and after church, of course!).

When I was sitting on the couch Sunday night, I got a FaceTime call, with video, from Ken who was starting his first day of work! Video! We don’t get that too often!

Technology is awesome (when it works the way you want it to!) and you have access to it.

Ken is on the other side of the world helping a group embrace some new technology in order to expedite the translation process. New tablets outfitted with an exterior keyboard will house the 51 newly translated stories which can be uploaded after checking to a website that anyone in the world can have access to. From there, each participant will return to their home country and continue to proceed with their Mother Tongue language.

Thank you once again for helping us to make this happen.Your monthly support and prayers allow us to keep the technology coming for our partners around the world.

P. S. The Enemy prowls around looking for whom it can devour…please pray for these participants the next two weeks!



Their words, not ours…

It’s nice to be appreciated, don’t you agree? While we all have a work ethic that keeps us serving each day, it’s always wonderful to know that what you are doing is helpful. Ken was copied on an email yesterday. In it, the consultant from his South East Asia trip was thanking Ken (and his colleague Russ) work that was done last month. I thought I would share it with you because your donations and prayers make it possible for us to do this work.

“I want to express our thanks for all the work that was done by Russ and Ken and also for the generosity of WA in picking up the tab for all of those licenses of Windows7!
It was no mean feat to setup 11 computers to the specifications we had set, to tweak each one, to lock them all so that translators cannot get themselves into trouble – all that among other things.  And once the workshop started both Russ and Ken gave themselves to  teaching and problem solving until the time they left.  Even after they had arrived at home they continued to give support via the HelpDesk.
As a result, we now have 4 translation teams who can use BGAN, can chat via Pigin, can send email and can enter the text of Scripture using the Paratext program.  I’d say that is very impressive!”

So from Asia to wherever you are, THANK YOU!

P. S. Ken departs next week for Nigeria. We’ll keep you updated!

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Asia Trip Pics

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Just can’t pass it up!

Some things are just too good to let go by!

I was in Orlando last week for team meetings and enjoyed a dinner with Dwight and Margaret Hartzler, a couple of my former Indonesia colleagues. Dwight and Margaret completed a New Testament translation and now both serve as translation consultants. And as old friend do, we began to reminisce about our Irian Jaya (now called West Papua) days.The topic soon turned to how much Sentani, where we lived in Papua, had changed. It was then that Margaret pulled out the picture below. I simply had to share it with you. Talk about culture clash!

What’s amazing is Anne and I and our daughters frequently visited and walked the paths of jungle villages like these. What’s even more amazing is that these are the people currently receiving God’s Word, not in Indonesia which they understand little of, but in their mother tongue.

The president of the ministry Anne and I served in for five years said that although people may be physically and/or mentally limited, the Holy Spirit is not. Likewise, although the world may consider these people of the stone age and backwards, God doesn’t. He loves them just like He loves us. And, Jesus died for them just like he died for you and I. And, just like us, they need His Word to grow in Christ.

But it sure does look funny getting there.

Dani with a computerClash of cultures – Dani with a computer


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Bible Translation PNG Style

Sometimes we talk about Bible translation so much that it becomes nothing more than a story or a concept. We forget the challenges inherent in the Bible translation process and how the Bible in the mother tongue has the ability to change lives.

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