Ok…I doodled!

We were gifted a few days at the beach last week, so I practiced my doodling while walking alone one morning.

Thanks for praying as Ken spends two weeks in our Orlando, FL office. He’ll be serving our members who are on furlough as they get refreshed and cared for at our home office.

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I don’t doodle my husband’s name



As I sat listening to a lecture on I John, I found myself doodling. I know from others more experienced in this art form that it doesn’t necessarily mean your mind is wandering. It actually increases focus and recall. I usually doodle a flower or a geometric shape, since I’m not really good or creative. That day, it was a Christmas tree, although the appropriate holiday was long past.

I used to doodle my husband’s name.

I met Ken the summer of 1982 while we were serving in Papua New Guinea for 10 weeks. After a month or so of conversation, we got “twitterpated” (see Thumper from the Disney movie) and by the end of the summer we pretty much knew we were going to marry each other one day. We separated and didn’t see each other but 3 more times before our wedding the following summer!

So in between our visits, we called each other twice a week (one call was his and one call was mine), and we wrote each other every day. Every. Day. Letters, cards, postcards…we wrote.

And, I doodled his name. Ken. Kenneth. Kenny. KJH. Kenneth Haugh. Ken Haugh. And later….Anne Haugh.

I don’t find myself doodling his name anymore. I was feeling kind of bad about that, but then I thought, I really don’t want to go back to 34-35 years ago. Thirty-four years ago, while I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Ken, we didn’t really know each other. For all the good and the bad times that cover that time period, I’d much rather have the “Ken and Anne Haugh” that exists now than who we were three decades ago.

We’re much more patient and tolerant of each other. We forgive faster. We fight less. We think more alike, yet still differ on so many levels! That’s good, even when it’s hard! I am who I am because of Ken. All the good stuff! I’m more confident and I’ve embraced my God-given gifts because of his encouragement. There is no one I trust more with my heart and life than Kenneth James Haugh. And I would fight to the death for that man.

I am so grateful for your prayers over us for so many years. Because serving God is more than our jobs. Serving God requires a good family life and an ongoing relationship with God. We’re still working on both.

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No…THIS is Us

tim-marshall-114623There is a popular television show running (which I’ve never seen). It’s title is This is Us.

As I sat and read what our partner Wycliffe Associates accomplished last year, which included the work of Ken, I thought, “No, THIS is us.”

Your prayers and financial support allowed Ken to take a multitude of trips in order to support our national Bible Translators. Together, much was accomplished.

Here are the stats:

  •   Currently Accelerating the work of Bible translation in 76 countries

  •   Last year mobilized 7,097 volunteer and staff members to advance the cause of Bible translation throughout the world in 76 countries

  •   Installed 544 Bible Translation Acceleration Kits (BTAKs) in 48 countries for 788 language communities since started installing BTAKs

  •   315 new translation projects started in 2016 using Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation (MAST) workshops

  •   Improved hundreds of facilities for Bible translation around the world

Nicely done, partners.

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Celebrate with us! You did it!

Here is a short video from Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA president Bob Creson. This is the progress we made in giving everyone God’s Word in their mother tongue in 2016. Your prayers and support made it possible! Let’s praise God together!

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On Weddings and Funerals

Churches: For weddings or funerals.... Credit: Annie Spratt @ unsplash

Churches: For weddings or funerals….
Credit: unsplash

Attending someone else’s wedding is good for my marriage. It reminds me of all of the vows I once made publicly 33 years ago.

Attending someone else’s funeral is good for me too. It reminds me to think of how I want to be remembered after I die.

This week we went to a neighbor’s funeral who, along with her husband, was also a long time Bible Translator with Wycliffe Bible Translators. We listened as her daughters, sons-in-grace (not “sons-in-law!), and grandchildren regaled us with stories of her crazy antics and her love for her family and God. She was a nurse, a Bible translator, and an author later in life. A prominent speaker, she and her husband had many stories of how God had worked in their village with the Awa people of Papua New Guinea.

What resonated with me were phrases such as, “She didn’t worry about offending people, but about offending God” and “She told everyone she met about the love of God.” There were no conversations about how clean her house was, whether she was a good cook, or what her favorite TV shows were.

God and family.

Stephen Covey, author of the popular book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, suggests to his readers to imagine their own funeral. Think about who will attend it. What will they say about your life? What did you stand for? Who were you as an individual?

The older I get, the more I see the importance about being intentional about my time. While I have a vague “bucket list” that I want to complete, what is paramount is serving God and family. Doing that well takes conversations with all involved. Using my gifts to do something that lasts beyond my own short life is most important.

So if you ask, “What are you doing this year?” my answer is “Supporting my family and serving God.” Being available for my extended family is intermingled with my service to Wycliffe Bible Translators, Bible Study Fellowship and volunteering at my church, Forest Hill. Hopefully, by the grace of God, that will come out at my own funeral.

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Miles and Miles

Charlotte to Orlando

Charlotte to SouthEast Asia

Drive to Pennsylvania

Philadelphia to India

Charlotte to Philippines

Charlotte to South East Asia

Charlotte to Orlando

Charlotte to Montana (vacation!!)

Charlotte to South East Asia

Drive to New York

Charlotte to Orlando

Tired? Although Ken made his own schedule, he didn’t realize how many trips he had taken last year. When he returned from his last trip he said, “I’m not sure I can keep up this schedule.” He followed that up with, “But I feel like something big is going to happen soon.”

Ken loved his work supporting Bible Translation using his technology and training skills. Seeing God’s words translated and given to people to read immediately has brought us both so much joy. We’ve seen grown men and woman cry as they received portions of the Bible in their Mother Tongue for the first time. We feel so blessed to have been a part of this process in particular for the last 6 years.

When Ken had his heart attack on September 20th, we realized that our life schedule needed to change and that God really did have something else for Ken to do.

Thank you for standing with us as we support Bible Translation in yet another are of need.

P. S. Those trips covered about 100,000 air miles!

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Encouragement via Colored Paper and Words

All those cards! All the love!

All those cards! All the love!

The day after Ken had his heart attack was one of joy and fear. Joy that he was alive and had survived two stents being put in his heart. Fear of the open heart surgery scheduled two weeks from then. And ultimately, fear of the unknown.

We had so many questions and wondered what was ahead of us.

But within days, cards started arriving in the mail.

“We’re praying for you.”

“God gives us peace.

“Recovery is a process.”

Other people sent emails, called or visited us. This continued for three months!

Your words we such an encouragement to us…like a warm hug, balm on a wound, or good piece of music. We smiled, laughed and cried over each one. Each act took time. It took effort. It took work for the person who did it.

The things you did helped remove our fears and replace it with just JOY and PEACE. As Ken healed, we were thankful for each new day. We also recovered as a family.

Thank you for being the body of Christ. You have taught us how to be better members for others.

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