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What is MAST?

MASTVideoWhat is MAST?

Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation is an innovative method of Bible Translation. Motivated by the local church, translators, pastors and lay people gather together and can draft large portions of Scripture in a short amount of time. Watch the short video above and it will explain the process in a clear way. God’s Word in the mother tongue brings joy to the heart to those that have received it. Unfortunately, many still lack God’s Word in their mother tongue and have been waiting for too long. This Bible translation method is generating excitement and joy and hopes to reduce and even eliminate that wait!

Ken departs next Tuesday to help support another workshop teaching this method. He’ll be in Papua New Guinea for several weeks working with a large group of people. They will be translating 51 Bible Stories into Tok Pidgin so that they can be uploaded to an open web site. This site will make the Truth of God’s Word available in a new way to a larger audience.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful process.

****As of today, two colleagues that are supposed to accompany Ken on this trip still have not received their visas! We need a miracle to get them there! Please pray for Ken July 28-August 18.



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It’s clear to me now…

Success! (Image from

Thank you for praying! Good news!

Here is the update from Ken. It makes it much clearer…

Update… It’s Saturday afternoon and we’ve been working since 8:00 AM. All the laptop images have been moved to the new laptops and WA purchased new licenses for each. They’ve been successfully activated. Praise God. All have been updated with the most recent operating system and all are legal. That has long term implications for these computers.

We’re now at the testing of each computer phase. Hopefully all goes well as the connections will go through the BGAN satellite and are slow. Thankfully, we have it here though for without, we wouldn’t be able to communicate at all.

So far so good. Thanks for your part in this task!

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