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Packing Lists

Mosquito nets, malaria medicine, head lamp…not the things that are normally on our packing lists. But this is no ordinary trip. Ken is preparing for his first trip to the continent of Africa as part of the B-TAK team. He’s leaving for Nigeria on June 4th, returning the the U.S. on June 18th. (Read more here about Bruce Smith, Wycliffe Associates’ CEO, experience deploying BTAKs in a previous trip to Nigeria).

Preparations started a few months ago as he had to get his Yellow Fever shot and make sure all of his other vaccinations were renewed. Nursing sore arms from the shots reminded us of years before preparing for our first trips overseas to Papua New Guinea and later on to West Papua, Indonesia. It’s been 10 years since Ken’s had to take a malaria prophylaxis.

But there is excitement in the air! Although this trip occurs during rainy season, has many unknowns, and Ken will be doing completely new work, he is so excited that God continues to use him in these ways. Please pray for him as he prepares while continuing his work each day. We have sent off his passport to get a visa and it needs to come in time. We’ll keep you updated on this trip.

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BTAKs Speeding Bible Translation

Sometimes I’m asked if technology really speeds up the Bible translation process knowing technology itself is fickle and breaks down, gets viruses and bugs (literally and figuratively speaking!), is lacking in certain parts of the world, etc. Well, I believe the answer to the question is a definite YES! But then again, I’m a little biased.

We’ve been deploying Bible Translation Acceleration Kits (BTAKs) and there’s at least one other person that believes in them. Read the Technology Speeding Up Bible Translation article about Wycliffe Associate’s CEO, Bruce Smith, on his recent trip to Nigeria for more.

What do you think?


The 4th Wave

Wycliffe Associates Collaborative Solutions Task Force (CSTF) team
Wycliffe Associates Collaborative Solutions Task Force (CSTF) team

I spent the last week at Wycliffe Associate’s headquarters meeting my team colleagues and becoming oriented to the task we’re involved in. And now I’m stoked! I’m working with a great bunch of guys that are dedicated to accelerating the Bible translation task by leveraging the “4th Wave”.

The 4th Wave in Bible translation builds largely upon the use and leveraging of internet and web technology to connect mother-tongue translators (MTTs) in living in very remote locations with their translator consultants through email, live chat, and a growing number of web applications. Of the 20 countries where 90% of the remaining need for Bible translation exists, a major Asian country has the most languages (488) with translation needed in more than 50 – representing over 27 million people without Scripture in their heart language. One of my colleagues was on site in this country where he’s helping to deploy Bible Translation Acceleration Kits (B-TAKs) for those MTTs. He has also participated in workshop, providing computer training for MTTs, consultants, and area staff, and a local IT support person. Read the rest of this entry »


Bible Translation PNG Style

Sometimes we talk about Bible translation so much that it becomes nothing more than a story or a concept. We forget the challenges inherent in the Bible translation process and how the Bible in the mother tongue has the ability to change lives.

So, here’s the challenge… Read the rest of this entry »


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Can You Hear Me Now?

“Can you hear me now?” the man asked as he walked the country testing Verizon’s wireless capability. Of course, the answer was always yes. But, what about those living in very remote parts of the world?

One of our previous newsletters talked about how a Wycliffe/Seed Company/Wycliffe Associates/JAARS satellite connectivity project is changing the face of Bible translation for those living in remote regions of the world. National translators translate the Scriptures into their mother tongue and then, using satellite connectivity, upload their translation to translation consultants all around the world located thousands of miles away. The consultant checks and then sends the new Scripture portion to the national translator. All of this is done in areas lacking land line and internet connectivity! It really is amazing.

Check out Hank Scott’s “Low Power Field Deployment” photos of past BGAN satellite deployments and see how interested our national colleagues involved in Bible translation are.

This project is bringing us closer and closer to Vision 2025 realization where every language on earth has a Bible translation started in their mother tongue. How does the satellite work, you might ask? Go to this website, click on the appropriate language, and watch how small satellite equipment can connect a remote national translator to the world.

Each BGAN satellite system cost approximately $1,600 so this is an expensive endeavor. But God’s people are giving generously so that others are able to hear the Good News too. What a blessing.

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