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Whoop Whoop! March Dedications!

Didinga Men (Source: Africa Inland Mission)

Join with us in praising God for these March 2018 Bible Dedications! If you do the math, that is nearly 300,000 people who now have access to God’s words in their own language! Words like, But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us, from Romans 5:8!

Thank you for your prayers and finances which made this possible! 

  • Didinga New Testament and Old Testament portions dedicated on March 3, 2018.

    • South Sudan

    • Population: 60,000

  • Ngomba New Testament dedicated on March 16.

    • Cameroon

    • Population: 120,000

  • Avatime New Testament dedicated in Volta area on March 17.

    • Ghana

    • Population: 24,000

  • Tonac Mixtec* New Testament dedicated on March 18.

    • Mexico

    • Population: 45,000

  • Modla* New Testament dedicated on March 24.

    • Americas

    • Population: 14,300

  • Baeggu New Testament dedicated on March 24-25.

    • Solomon Islands

    • Population: 10,000

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Two Actions=One Watch

Graduation watch

I lifted the side flap on the canvas lunch bag. The pocket was empty. I had stashed my phone, car keys and watch in there when we went to the beach. I unpacked the trunk of the car. Soggy, sandy towels, sandy beach toys, and sandy half-eaten lunches rounded out the contents. Where was my watch? I know I had put it carefully in this pouch, but now it was no longer there and no where to be found.

I dumped out my entire purse and pawed through wallet, receipts, gum wrappers and warm lip sticks. No watch! I guess it’s possible I put it somewhere else….but I knew I hadn’t.

We all showered the salt water off of our bodies, wrung out our bathing suits and got dressed for dinner. When I told my family about the missing watch, everyone jumped up and helped me search through the car trunk and under the seats, several times asking about the last time I had seen the watch. The watch had been given to me as a graduation gift from my family for finishing my degree just last year. It was special to ALL of us. My eyes filled with tears thinking that it might be gone forever.

The tide had been coming in when we had left the beach a few hours earlier. Upon arriving to the beach we had placed our towels about 100 feet from the edge of the water. By the time we left, it was a mere 5 feet away from our gear. No one remembered anything being left on the sandy beach. If it was on the beach, it was now under the salty water and undoubtedly ruined.

The only place it could be was the parking lot where we had left our car. “Let’s drive back before getting dinner. It’s only 15 minutes away,” my husband said. I was relieved that he had suggested it knowing how hungry everyone was and not wanting to delay our dinner any more.

We drove the 15 minutes in silence. I was silently praying for a miracle. When we arrived at the parking lot, three people on bicycles were resting at the entrance of the parking lot where we had recently parked. All three were in our way, in the exact spot where we needed to stop. Ken courteously waved them by and two of them moved on. The third person waved us through. Ken pulled in to the left of where we had parked our car. The parking lot was nearly empty. We all anxiously jumped out of the car, heads down, frantically scouring the ground for the watch.

At the same time, the woman on the bicycle came driving over toward us. “Are you looking for…..” Her sentence was cut off as I pounced on my watch, its gleaming silver edge protruding from the sandy driveway. The watch had been run over and was on level with the soil which was, thankfully, sand! I couldn’t even speak! I just held it out in disbelief and joy!! “I saw it just as you arrived“, the woman shouted, joyful as well that we found my prize possession! We yelled our thanks as she drove off.

Our eight-year-old grandson was so pleased and surprised. Unbeknownst to me, he and his Papa had prayed together that the Lord would lead us to the watch minutes before we departed on our search. He was able to see the answer to his prayer in 15 short minutes.

We prayed AND we looked! Two actions. What would have happened if we had only prayed? What if we had just looked? I’m not sure what the results would have been. Had we delayed even 30 seconds later the watch would have been innocently picked up by one of the bicyclists and carried home. We would never had known its story.

This reminds me about the woman in the Bible who had 10 coins and loses one. She lights a lamp, searches for the coin, then rejoices when she finds it. We don’t read that she prayed, but she looked and she celebrated as we did. Luke 15:10 says “In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” 

Every month several people groups receive the Bible, newly translated, in their own language. It may not previously been prayed over by the people, since they didn’t know what they were missing, but someone prayed over that language. Someone worked and gave them the ability to find out the way of salvation. It is theirs for the choosing. And when they find it, there is rejoicing in the presence of angels.

Thank you for making that possible. You do it month after month. Your prayers, your gifts, your hope, your action.



Reach for the OTHER Sheep!

24bzouenxhc-ariana-prestesI’m studying the book of John in my weekly Bible Study Fellowship class. We’re up to one of my favorite chapters. Chapter 10 talks at length about hearing God’s voice. The key to hearing God’s voice? Knowing Scripture and recognizing that God’s voice will always match what the Bible says.

I am praising God this morning that Jesus came to do the will of God which was to die for us. He came to die. That was His job. So as we finish celebrating Christmas, the coming of Emmanuel, we are led to reflect on the fact that the baby came to give up his life 33 years later. I lived years protecting my two little girls and now hover over my grandsons. I can’t even imagine that they would be born for the purpose of dying for others. I want them to live! But thanks be to God who gave his Son for me, to die,  so that I would have eternal life starting right now! God reached down to us!!

Our pastor is going to start teaching in January using the book of John too! I’m reading his new devotional each day entitled “Hearing the Voice of God” by David Chadwick.

David Chadwick says this:

“Live for Jesus. Obey him as he obeyed the Father and laid down his life for you.

Go into the world and reach his sheep in different  pastures. If you can’t go physically, send money. It represents you. You spent long, laborious hours earning it. When it is sent, you are being sent.

And pray fervently that people will be drawn to Jesus…just make sure you are going-in one way or another. As Jesus was sent from heaven, so he sends you into the world.”

Ken and I donate to several people who have gone out into the world just as you donate to us. We represent Jesus in New Jersey, Egypt, Papua New Guinea and across the world! What a joy to reach sheep in other pastures just as Jesus reached out to us.

Thank you for your continued love and support these many years. We pray that we might that in the year 2017 we might listen to God’s voice and reach many more sheep together!


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It’s Arrived!

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Ken and I just returned from our second trip to Long Island, New York this month. What a glorious time we had with two supporting churches. Central Presbyterian Church, in Huntington, was Anne’s home church. We enjoyed getting to see friends from years ago, attend a birthday party and speak to an adult Sunday School Class. The long weekend culminated with us taking the train to the city to see the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Many people lost their lives from my home “neck of the wood”, specifically the son of a woman I always sat next to in choir. It was good to close out that time in our history.

Our second trip was to South Bay Bible Church in East Moriches. This was our second time to visit this church. From last year to this year, they have more than doubled in number which meant that we spoke twice on Sunday morning! This church has a group of people who meet daily (DAILY) at 7:00 am to pray for the church, its members and the community. I’m guessing this is a huge part of why they have grown. We felt so loved by both community of believers.

So…what has arrived?

During Ken’s portion of our update, he mentioned a new app for the Android phone. This app has 51 Bible Stories on it with wonderful accompanying media. It was created for bilingual translators. Here’s how it was recently introduced!

(Orlando, Florida, USA)—Wycliffe Associates, a global organization that empowers national Bible translators around the world, has launched a new, free app that makes Bible stories accessible to smartphone users worldwide.

Called translationStudio, the Android operating system app is available for download on Google Play.

“God’s Word in every language took a giant step toward reality as our translationStudio app was released for free download in the Google Play store,” says Bruce Smith, president and CEO of Wycliffe Associates. “This is just the beginning of developing a tool that puts Bible translation within the reach of Christians worldwide.”

Earlier this year, Wycliffe Associates tested the beta version of the app with translation teams working in some of the most difficult and dangerous regions of the world for Christians. Their feedback has been incorporated into the current release.

The translationStudio app features “Open Bible Stories,” a set of 50 fully illustrated Bible stories. “Open Bible Stories” has been released under Creative Commons’ Attribution Share-Alike licensing, which allows translation into any language, anywhere, at any time, and by anyone—without copyright limitations.

“Open Bible Stories” currently includes a collection of 21 Old Testament stories and 29 New Testament stories and provides a chronological overview of God’s relationship with humanity, from creation to redemption.

“In the coming months, we will have ‘Open Bible Stories’ loaded in at least 50 gateway languages, enabling people who are bilingual in any of these languages to begin translating these Bible stories into their own language,” says Smith. “Once local translators have completed the ‘Open Bible Stories,’ they can easily make the transition into a full Bible translation program. The Open Bible Stories method actually fits perfectly into the culture of many language groups that have a tradition of storytelling handed down through generations.”

The Resource section of the app provides information on key terms and how to overcome translation challenges, intended to assist local translators in creating translations that are clear, natural, and accurate. In addition, collaboration tools enable any number of people to work together, online or offline, to draft and revise their work for the best possible result.

“We are also working to load English source text for the entire Old and New Testament that will be licensed to allow immediate translation into any language, without copyright limitations,” says Smith. “All of this is available at no cost to the local church or their translators.”

The digital format enables the Scriptures to be published immediately and at very low cost through the Internet or by sharing memory cards.

“This project is not finished. It is really just beginning,” says Smith. “We need technicians, app developers, trainers, and Bible scholars to share in maximizing the benefit of these resources to the global church. We need financial partners to include this strategy in their stewardship priorities as a blessing to the world. We need partners to lift this up in prayer, seeking God’s continuing wisdom and guidance for everyone involved.”

We’re pretty excited about this particular tool we now have! Thank you for your support in making it possible!



Living with Hope

Credit: Mars Hill

Credit: Mars Hill

I’ve been in a Christmas funk! I just haven’t had the Christmas/Holiday/December excitement that I usually have. The month started off with the death of a church family member. John had cancer so it was not entirely unexpected, but it was still disturbing. I miss him. Then a young 16-year-old girl from our church died. I didn’t know her, but my heart was in pain for her parents. Following that we heard that an old friend, Tanya, who lived her life in a wheelchair and was still too young, died suddenly, leaving her 14-year-old daughter on this earth. And then of course, the awful tragic news of all those senseless deaths in Connecticut. Like you, I’ve cried several times a day, watching the news and thinking about the pain those families are in. In between this news, several friends have found out they have cancer and have a long fight ahead of them.

I have my own pain too. Nothing as dramatic as a death or cancer. But it’s my own burdens which weigh on me daily. I share it with my husband, we try to carry it together, but it is a heaviness indeed.

Each morning, like many of you, I try to read the Bible and pray. And when I am finished, I always feel better. My spirits are lifted up little by little. The other day I read about forgiveness and felt the weight of my own sin of holding on to my unforgiveness of others. If Jesus loved me so much that he came as a baby to die for me, the least I can do is forgive the people around me!

On another morning I was reminded about the sacrifice and the faith that it took for the wise men to travel for two years just so that they could worship Jesus! I was so humbled by their faith. It just renewed my faith and my heart welled up with joy as I remembered how amazing the Son of God really is.

So I live with hope. Hope for the future. Hope that God is still in control. Hope that I serve a God who knows what He is doing. Hope that my Savior will return for me one day in the clouds.

The people we serve and the people you support with your prayers and finances have no hope. They don’t have God’s Words to read each morning to get out of their “funk.” Isn’t that awful? And they still live in darkness.

You make it possible for them to one day live in Light and to live with HOPE. And they will never be able to thank you. But we can.

So, thank you! Thank you for your faith, your love, and your hope. We couldn’t be serving the Lord, helping to bring the hope of Jesus to the world, without you.

Have a Merry, Hopeful Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
Anne and Ken

Wycliffe Bible Translators


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Yup, we’re published! And you helped!

Did you know that if an author has one of his works published in 20 languages there is a big celebration? And if he or she is published in 30, 40 or more languages? Well, there’s some partying going on!

Did you know that Wycliffe Bible Translators along with our partners, such as SIL, Wycliffe Associates, and The Seed Company have had a book or part of a book translated in at least 2,479 languages?

Wow! We need a party every year. And you all should be the first to be invited! You have been a part of getting all or part of the best book, the BIBLE, translated into thousands of languages across the world. This work has been done not just for large community groups but for small ones too! Some groups have 5,000 or fewer people using that language! But if it’s a viable language, we think they need to hear God’s word in the language that speaks to their heart.

So thanks! We should be able to celebrate with more parties in the coming year! Come join us.


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New Name, Location, Job, and Blog!

All (or practically all) is new in the Haugh house. Visit our Updates page and open our most recent newsletter in Adobe PDF, Word 2007, or Word 2003 formats.

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