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Bible Study Fellowship

September is almost here! That means it is time for Anne to get back to her leadership responsibilities with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). This wonderful, international study has been a big influence on me and how I approach God’s Word. My Michigan friend, Rita, introduced it to me many years ago as we were raising our support to go to Indonesia for the first time.

This year is a new study called People of the Promised Land. We will cover several Old Testament books as shown in the image above. Although I still meet every Tuesday morning with other leaders in Rock Hill, SC, I will be facilitating a virtual class online! Leading the class at 2pm every Tuesday may rule out those who work in the States, but it allows me to have people from other time zones join me.

As of today, I have four ladies in my group from Europe! We’ll be using English to discuss what we’ve learned during the week and to pray for each other. If you would like to join me or another leader either in your own city or online, please check out our online link BSF Virtual Class or

Working with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Bible Study Fellowship feels like a perfect fit for me. Getting people into God’s Word is so satisfying!



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Reach for the OTHER Sheep!

24bzouenxhc-ariana-prestesI’m studying the book of John in my weekly Bible Study Fellowship class. We’re up to one of my favorite chapters. Chapter 10 talks at length about hearing God’s voice. The key to hearing God’s voice? Knowing Scripture and recognizing that God’s voice will always match what the Bible says.

I am praising God this morning that Jesus came to do the will of God which was to die for us. He came to die. That was His job. So as we finish celebrating Christmas, the coming of Emmanuel, we are led to reflect on the fact that the baby came to give up his life 33 years later. I lived years protecting my two little girls and now hover over my grandsons. I can’t even imagine that they would be born for the purpose of dying for others. I want them to live! But thanks be to God who gave his Son for me, to die,  so that I would have eternal life starting right now! God reached down to us!!

Our pastor is going to start teaching in January using the book of John too! I’m reading his new devotional each day entitled “Hearing the Voice of God” by David Chadwick.

David Chadwick says this:

“Live for Jesus. Obey him as he obeyed the Father and laid down his life for you.

Go into the world and reach his sheep in different  pastures. If you can’t go physically, send money. It represents you. You spent long, laborious hours earning it. When it is sent, you are being sent.

And pray fervently that people will be drawn to Jesus…just make sure you are going-in one way or another. As Jesus was sent from heaven, so he sends you into the world.”

Ken and I donate to several people who have gone out into the world just as you donate to us. We represent Jesus in New Jersey, Egypt, Papua New Guinea and across the world! What a joy to reach sheep in other pastures just as Jesus reached out to us.

Thank you for your continued love and support these many years. We pray that we might that in the year 2017 we might listen to God’s voice and reach many more sheep together!


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