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Just one download…

Dr. Camille Hippolyte

All it took was one download.

Dr. Camille Hippolyte downloaded the Bible on her phone and was captivated by its words. Listen to her words here. She turned her life over to God after listening to His words. In spite of having years of education to become a medical doctor, she thought about switching over and becoming a Bible Translator. Instead, hear how God is using her in Papua New Guinea.

Who do you know that needs to hear God’s words?

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Ripped Bags Torn Bags

Bags sewn by CUMC members

As I unpacked our bags from our recent trip to Michigan, I noted some wear and tear on our 26-year-old “shoe bags.” We use them for our shoes but that is not their original purpose.

At one of our campsites (1991)

Ken and I joined Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT) in August of 1990. WBT provided us with extensive preparation so that we could successfully live long term in a different culture. One of those requirements was something called Field Training Course (FTC). For those going to Asia or South America, we traveled first to Texas and then to Mexico. For three months we lived in cabins, camped outdoors and stayed for a month with a host family in Mexico. It was “the best and worst of times” as they say.

Ken carried the bulk of our belongings.

Wycliffe gave us a list of items that we needed to bring to FTC and a weight limit on those items. One of the requirements was to bring 10 cloth bags that could be closed at the top with a string, just like a hooded jacket. For those who know me (Anne), I don’t sew. So this requirement caused me a bit of stress.

“No problem,” said several ladies from Christ United Methodist Church of Fraser, Michigan. “We’ll make them for you.”

And they did. Ten bags, some grey, some blue, some pink, were handed to us before we left on our adventure.

Bags hanging at a different campsite.

While their original purpose was to carry food on long over night hikes, they eventually morphed into bags that would protect our shoes. Those bags have traveled with us for over a quarter of a century! Every time we use them, we think of those who made them.

We just returned from a trip to Michigan where we were able to speak at Christ United Methodist Church. At the end of the service, the pastor called the leadership to the front of the church, along with a special group of people who have met and prayed for us once a month for 27 years (!), and they recommitted their partnership with us. Our heads were anointed with oil, and as the pastor prayed for us we heard “We’re with you, we’ve been with you, we’ll continue to be with you. We’re committed to Bible Translation.”

What a joy to have such a great group standing with us! If you’d like to partner with us financially or by receiving our newsletter and praying, please click on this link! Come join our team!


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Celebrate with us! You did it!

Here is a short video from Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA president Bob Creson. This is the progress we made in giving everyone God’s Word in their mother tongue in 2016. Your prayers and support made it possible! Let’s praise God together!



Reach for the OTHER Sheep!

24bzouenxhc-ariana-prestesI’m studying the book of John in my weekly Bible Study Fellowship class. We’re up to one of my favorite chapters. Chapter 10 talks at length about hearing God’s voice. The key to hearing God’s voice? Knowing Scripture and recognizing that God’s voice will always match what the Bible says.

I am praising God this morning that Jesus came to do the will of God which was to die for us. He came to die. That was His job. So as we finish celebrating Christmas, the coming of Emmanuel, we are led to reflect on the fact that the baby came to give up his life 33 years later. I lived years protecting my two little girls and now hover over my grandsons. I can’t even imagine that they would be born for the purpose of dying for others. I want them to live! But thanks be to God who gave his Son for me, to die,  so that I would have eternal life starting right now! God reached down to us!!

Our pastor is going to start teaching in January using the book of John too! I’m reading his new devotional each day entitled “Hearing the Voice of God” by David Chadwick.

David Chadwick says this:

“Live for Jesus. Obey him as he obeyed the Father and laid down his life for you.

Go into the world and reach his sheep in different  pastures. If you can’t go physically, send money. It represents you. You spent long, laborious hours earning it. When it is sent, you are being sent.

And pray fervently that people will be drawn to Jesus…just make sure you are going-in one way or another. As Jesus was sent from heaven, so he sends you into the world.”

Ken and I donate to several people who have gone out into the world just as you donate to us. We represent Jesus in New Jersey, Egypt, Papua New Guinea and across the world! What a joy to reach sheep in other pastures just as Jesus reached out to us.

Thank you for your continued love and support these many years. We pray that we might that in the year 2017 we might listen to God’s voice and reach many more sheep together!


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The Race is On!



Did you know that Wycliffe Bible Translators holds races to raise money? Do you know some healthy, energetic people who might be interested in a fun way to shed light on Bible Translation needs? Perhaps you could send a team from your church youth group and have everyone support them. Here are some details and a link below.

When: 3/14/2014 5:00 PM – 3/16/2014 5:00 PM
Where: Tall Timber Ranch, 27875 White River Rd
Leavenworth,Washington 98826

Race to 2025:

Wycliffe USA’s Adventure Fundraising Race with Eternal Impact!

Racers: Hike through wilderness territory.  Climb and rappel precarious heights.  Face various challenges along the way to discover a hidden village!  Race to 2025 bridges the adrenaline of adventure sport young people crave and the extreme challenge to which Jesus calls His church – to make disciples of all nations.  Young people are joining the Bible translation cause-praying, advocating, giving, and going.

The Race

Inspired by intense language survey trips conducted by Wycliffe linguists in remote regions worldwide, this race is hosted in the beautiful outdoors of various locations.  Co-ed teams of four race against time and other teams in demanding linguistic and wilderness challenges, all in search of a remote ‘Bibleless’ tribe.  Upon contact, teams share an ethnic meal with villagers, conduct a simulated language survey and race to the finish with valuable linguistic data.  Prior to the race weekend, teams commit to raise a minimum of $2,000 per team ($500 per racer).  These monies go to support Bible translation projects around the world.  Cool prizes are awarded for the most money raised, fastest team across the finish line, and various other categories.  Each night, veteran missionaries engage racer’s hearts and minds with stories of lives spent serving God in tough places, unlocking the fascinating world of language and linguistics.

Shop at Wycliffe!

Shop at Wycliffe!

Are you looking for some unique gifts? Wycliffe has a website with interesting items for sale, ranging from t-shirts to bracelets. Proceeds support Bile Translation. These would be great gifts for family or for a church function where you are highlighting missions. Click here to start shopping.

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Projects Galore!

Picture books, Audio portions of Scripture, safe drinking water….these are just a few of the many projects that are funded by those of us working in Bible Translation. I have been working with Wycliffe Bible Translator project funders in Europe for the last 4 years. It’s amazing to see the wide variety of projects that we help fund all across the world!  Check out some of them on this link! Should you be looking for a project or someone else to donate to at the Christmas season, I know that you will be a huge blessing to these people as we reach them with the transformational words from God which will change their lives forever!

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