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Finally! Graduation

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It’s been a long time in the making, but Anne has finally graduated from college. On Friday, May 6, she received her B.S. in Communications with a concentration in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications.

We are so grateful for all who prayed for us and donated funds to make this happen. She graduated debt free. We enjoyed a weekend of celebrating with friends and family including a surprise visit from daughter Christine.


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The Little Flower that Could

Most of us remember the story of “The Little Train that Could.” The popular children’s book recounts the story about a little train with a small engine. No one thought that was powerful enough to help the other engines, but he ended up saving the day.

While many of us have been told that we can do or be anything that we put our minds to, most of us know that there are some limitations to our dreams. When I was a young child, I want to be a firefighter. Actually, we didn’t even have that word in our vocabulary. There were fireMEN but you never heard of woman being firefighters. While many woman have broken that glass ceiling, I seriously don’t think I could do the job. I’m not that strong and my aversion to getting burned grew as I got older!

But still, it’s inspiring to see someone go for an audacious goal. Even if they don’t reach it, it inspires me to see people’s courage.

Which brings me to my flower garden.

2014 Flowers

2014 Flowers

Flanking our walkway that leads into our front door, we’ve planted low bushes and add colorful annuals to it each year. I like flowers that don’t need too much care. I’ll plant and water them, but they have to be pretty hardy to survive the southern sun that beats down on that area for 12-14 hours a summer day.

Each year, several seedlings from a previous years flowers appear. I love leaving them where God planted them and having them join the array of colors that I have chosen for that year. This year Torenia that I planted for Ken’s birthday party last year showed up in quite a few places. Red Celosia that I planted probably 5 years ago came back too. What’s funny, is that they did not show up the previous four years! Where were those seeds hiding?

And then come the New Guinea Impatiens. I remember planting them back about 2004 or so when we returned from Indonesia. Year after year a few show up. The color has changed on them, but there they are.

This year, I had a determined flower on my hands. Not content to share the

Tenacious little flower

Tenacious little flower

flower bed with the other flowers, this seedling sprouted several feet into our gravel driveway. I shook my head in wonder.

Since weeding the gravel driveway has mercifully fallen into my husband’s hands, I had to warn him that this green plant was a flower and that he should leave that one be.

“Let’s see how long it lasts”, I said.

Last week that crazy plant bloomed.

It wasn’t watered, loved or cared for, but somehow it made it through and now shows its glory.

I love that flower. Every time I walk into the house, I break into a smile and shake my head.

Be the one that survives


All around the world today, there are communities struggling. Some are racing for new lands, some are trying to hold out in their own country to see if the horror that is war will finally pass them by. Some wait for children who were kidnapped months ago and still there is no word on them. Some plan their day so that they only drive on the roads during the safe hours.

These communities are waiting. They are waiting and many are blooming while they wait. In spite of the tragedies in their lives, they continue to strive to serve God and do His work day after day.

Thank you for allowing us to stand with them in a very small way and help them with their task of translating God’s Words into the language that God created for them.


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The Lawnmower gets me every time

Ah, Springtime! The birds are singing, the daffodils are blooming, and amazingly, the law already needs to be mowed! With Ken gone and days ticking by, I felt anxious to get the grass seed out so I could sprout some new grass. I don’t aspire for the most perfect lawn, but I do try to keep it looking decent. Hence a trip to Home Depot and I was ready to tackle the turf.

I dragged our fairly new push mower out from under the house. It hadn’t seen the light of day since the Fall. I prided myself on remembering to fill up the extra container of gas while out earlier in the day. I topped off the mower and gamely pulled on the starter string. Nothing. I pulled it again. Nothing. Five more pulls. Still nothing. With regret and quite a bit of crankiness, I put the machine away. Sigh….I need someone with a strong arm.

Two days later, armed with some knowledge of gas “going bad” when it sits too long, I removed all of the old gasoline and started with a fresh batch, expecting great things out of my little mower. “Things” like the sound of an engine turning over and seeing blades turn!


To be honest, I wanted to drop kick the mower across the tall grass! I am not patient with machines that don’t behave. I don’t know how to fix them, I don’t care to learn, and I just want them to serve me at will. The machine bested me this time.

I dragged my rakes and grass seed to the road and furiously attacked the patchy areas. Moments later, my neighbor drove over on his riding lawn mower. He knew I hadn’t been able to get my mower started the first day. “Can I mow part of your lawn?” he asked.

Suddenly I found myself with tears slipping down from under sunglasses. Really? Crying about a lawnmower?

Not really. The offending tool was just the thing that put me over the edge for the day.

What really was bothering me was all the things in the world that I have no control over. Friends with cancer, family members with heavy struggles, my inability to be in two places at once and the frustration that comes with wondering if I’m in the right place now. It seems like every time I get an email, Facebook message or text, there is heavy news from a dear one. It just got to me today.

Meanwhile, Ken has started his second week in Asia. His work is arduous. He traveled to a new city and is working with a different group of people. We’re an organization that deals with languages, but sometimes the differences in culture and trying to get a new message across to a group can be rough going.

I always hesitate to fill him in on the stressors of home when he’s already got so much on his plate being on foreign land. There’s 12 hours difference in the time zones, and as I’m collapsing on the couch he’s up and taking off towards another day of serving. But today I needed my husband to give me a warm, virtual hug.

He can’t fix my problems. Neither can I. Neither can my kind neighbor with the riding lawn mower. But as he reminded me this afternoon, “All I can do is pray for you.”

Sounds good to me. Thanks for your prayers.

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It’s Arrived!

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Ken and I just returned from our second trip to Long Island, New York this month. What a glorious time we had with two supporting churches. Central Presbyterian Church, in Huntington, was Anne’s home church. We enjoyed getting to see friends from years ago, attend a birthday party and speak to an adult Sunday School Class. The long weekend culminated with us taking the train to the city to see the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Many people lost their lives from my home “neck of the wood”, specifically the son of a woman I always sat next to in choir. It was good to close out that time in our history.

Our second trip was to South Bay Bible Church in East Moriches. This was our second time to visit this church. From last year to this year, they have more than doubled in number which meant that we spoke twice on Sunday morning! This church has a group of people who meet daily (DAILY) at 7:00 am to pray for the church, its members and the community. I’m guessing this is a huge part of why they have grown. We felt so loved by both community of believers.

So…what has arrived?

During Ken’s portion of our update, he mentioned a new app for the Android phone. This app has 51 Bible Stories on it with wonderful accompanying media. It was created for bilingual translators. Here’s how it was recently introduced!

(Orlando, Florida, USA)—Wycliffe Associates, a global organization that empowers national Bible translators around the world, has launched a new, free app that makes Bible stories accessible to smartphone users worldwide.

Called translationStudio, the Android operating system app is available for download on Google Play.

“God’s Word in every language took a giant step toward reality as our translationStudio app was released for free download in the Google Play store,” says Bruce Smith, president and CEO of Wycliffe Associates. “This is just the beginning of developing a tool that puts Bible translation within the reach of Christians worldwide.”

Earlier this year, Wycliffe Associates tested the beta version of the app with translation teams working in some of the most difficult and dangerous regions of the world for Christians. Their feedback has been incorporated into the current release.

The translationStudio app features “Open Bible Stories,” a set of 50 fully illustrated Bible stories. “Open Bible Stories” has been released under Creative Commons’ Attribution Share-Alike licensing, which allows translation into any language, anywhere, at any time, and by anyone—without copyright limitations.

“Open Bible Stories” currently includes a collection of 21 Old Testament stories and 29 New Testament stories and provides a chronological overview of God’s relationship with humanity, from creation to redemption.

“In the coming months, we will have ‘Open Bible Stories’ loaded in at least 50 gateway languages, enabling people who are bilingual in any of these languages to begin translating these Bible stories into their own language,” says Smith. “Once local translators have completed the ‘Open Bible Stories,’ they can easily make the transition into a full Bible translation program. The Open Bible Stories method actually fits perfectly into the culture of many language groups that have a tradition of storytelling handed down through generations.”

The Resource section of the app provides information on key terms and how to overcome translation challenges, intended to assist local translators in creating translations that are clear, natural, and accurate. In addition, collaboration tools enable any number of people to work together, online or offline, to draft and revise their work for the best possible result.

“We are also working to load English source text for the entire Old and New Testament that will be licensed to allow immediate translation into any language, without copyright limitations,” says Smith. “All of this is available at no cost to the local church or their translators.”

The digital format enables the Scriptures to be published immediately and at very low cost through the Internet or by sharing memory cards.

“This project is not finished. It is really just beginning,” says Smith. “We need technicians, app developers, trainers, and Bible scholars to share in maximizing the benefit of these resources to the global church. We need financial partners to include this strategy in their stewardship priorities as a blessing to the world. We need partners to lift this up in prayer, seeking God’s continuing wisdom and guidance for everyone involved.”

We’re pretty excited about this particular tool we now have! Thank you for your support in making it possible!




African Images

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Feels like Home

African Communion

African Communion

Our hosts picked us up early to take us to church. The wife handed me a scarf and said, “You may not know this, but woman must cover their heads during church. I brought you a scarf.”

I was grateful for her forethought, since I knew we would be sticking out already in the service. I know that I am probably making lots of cultural mistakes each day, but it’s nice to be ahead of the game occasionally.

We entered the large meeting room to the singing of the praise group. Four or five young people were singing, accompanied by a keyboard, guitar and drums. “Be thou glorified in me,” they sang over and over. Their harmony was beautiful and I found myself immediately glad to be in the House of God worshipping with my brothers and sisters.

And that it what we are. Family. There is the unmistakable feeling of belonging when you enter a church. While I may not know when to sit or stand, I could feel the Holy Spirit in that place.

Then the offering took place. You know, it’s the awkward moment when the pastor explains once again that it is our duty to give back to God? Except that didn’t happen here. It was just announced and everyone stood up. The music started and in another language everyone was singing something about rejoicing and praising God.

One by one, everyone, and I mean every person in the room, went to the front of the church. All were singing, some were swaying, others were dancing up to the front. They happily placed their offering envelopes in the bag up front and went back to their seats. There was such joy on their faces!

And then, the pastor let loose. He spontaneously started singing some gospel songs and hymns and got everyone going. Faster and faster they sang the songs! Everyone sang louder and the smiles on their faces were huge! By the time we were done, we were out of breath, clapping and falling into our chairs with laughter! What a service!

The sermon followed and was challenging to me. And then came communion. Communion always humbles me before God. Confession of sin, thankfulness for God sending His Son to die on my behalf and then prayer for our family who doesn’t know Jesus as their Saviour.

It doesn’t matter that I am on a continent nearly 9,000 miles from home. This felt like home today.

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African “Firsts”

Our trip to Africa went well. All of our flights were uneventful which is wonderful.

First views: Dry spiky grass, red soil, large rounded hills sprouting up here and there. (Apparently, they just call them “rocks” around here. Big rocks/small hills)

First impressions: Similarities to Indonesia where we previously lived. Lots of people in the city. Traffic. Large malls and tons of small shops. A variety of clothing from jeans and t-shirts to traditional African fabrics and head coverings.

First job: Getting over jet lag so we can do our jobs this next week. I am impressed with how often my husband makes this trip and manages to put in a full day/week/weeks of teaching just after arriving from so far away.

Tomorrow is Sunday, so we’ll go to a local church to worship and then prepare for the coming week.

Please pray for Ken as he tries to decide how to teach this particular class. Some last-minute changes means that he has a different audience with different needs.

Please pray for me (Anne) that I would make the connections and speak to the right people for some good articles. I’m already planning a village visit and will sit in while a Mother Tongue Translator works with his consultant.

Due to low-bandwidth, I may not be able to upload any photos until I get home. If it’s faster in the morning, I’ll try to put one up if I have time.Thank you for praying us here!

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Greedy with my Abundance

Yesterday’s sermon at our church was so powerful for me. Our month-long series titled “Strapped” has had us looking at what the Bible says about money. We’ve looked at how God sees our money as a tool and a test. We’ve considered contentment in our lives. Yesterday we tackled greed in our lives.

Yikes. At first glance I thought, “I’m glad this is not a problem with ME!” But as our pastor said, “Greed is hard to see in the mirror [in ourselves].”

We looked at the passage in Luke 12:13-21 where the rich man decides to tear down his barns and build bigger ones to store his “abundance” rather than giving it to others in need.

And then came the illustration…

Our pastor asked, “Who likes chocolate chip cookies?”  Hands went up all over the auditorium. He called a naïve woman named Shelley up on stage who had enthusiastically raised her hand. Our pastor then pulled out two freshly baked cookies on a plate. He talked about how much HE loves chocolate chip cookies and how delicious they are. He then proceeds to eat one in front of the woman (and the rest of us, with stomachs growling, and mouths watering).

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

While eating he talks about how much he’d LIKE to give Shelley a cookie, but he really likes them himself. He wonders, “If I give Shelley this cookie, what will I do if God never provides me with another chocolate chip cookie?” Then he prayed for Shelley and asked God to provide her some chocolate chip cookies, or someone who could share theirs with her.

That was the stab to my heart. What if God doesn’t provide?

How often do I lead my life as if God might not provide? In my effort to “be a good steward” of what God has given me, how often have I held on to my “stuff” just in case God doesn’t provide for me?

In my desire to be frugal, how many times do I come across as being greedy?

How many times am I standing by the person who has a need and instead of taking care of it, I just promise to pray for them?

While I am all about not overspending and “saving for a rainy day,” I’m vowing now to be more generous at the same time, not holding back my “chocolate chip cookies” and trusting that God will continue to be generous to me as He always has been in the past.

Thank you for your generosity towards us. Ken is presently on his way home from his latest travels to South East Asia.

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What’s new for you? (Ignore the first post please!)

Another year! A fresh start! The older I get the more grateful I am for each year and day that I have before me.

Like most of you I started writing down a list of goals for this year. As I did I came across a wonderful quote by Dave Ramsey.

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

What a great statement! I can’t believe how many times I have made a list of goals, only to find them unreached. I think I forgot to plan out my goals! So this month I am trying to fill in some details for each of my goals.

Goal: Exercise regularly
Plan: Work out three times a week
Monday-5:30pm Cardio Fitness Wednesday-4:00pm Machines and Treadmill Friday-9:00am Walk around the neighborhood

I might actually meet this goal this time! Of course, I have other goals relating to my spiritual goals, my educational goals, my relationship goals… But as my daughter reminded me, every goal cannot be the number one priority. Some things must become lesser goals.

One of my top priorities is finishing my degree. Yikes! It’s scary to even write that one out publicly. But it’s something I’ve started and stopped working on for many years. It’s time to get it finished!

In order to do that, I need to cut some other priorities out of my life. For me, that required putting in my resignation for my job working for the Wycliffe Europe Area office. This was a tough one for me because I’ve absolutely loved my work the last 3 1/2 years and I’ve loved the relationships that came out of my role. But with the distance between Charlotte, NC and Germany growing larger, along with wanting to take some classes locally, it was time to give it up. I hope that as I improve my writing and communication skills I can be used in a greater way for the Lord in the future.

What are your goals for this year? I’d love to hear from you. We can keep each other accountable! Family is always a priority for me. We enjoyed ours over the holidays as you can see from the photo below.

The Haugh Family 2012

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Projects Galore!

Picture books, Audio portions of Scripture, safe drinking water….these are just a few of the many projects that are funded by those of us working in Bible Translation. I have been working with Wycliffe Bible Translator project funders in Europe for the last 4 years. It’s amazing to see the wide variety of projects that we help fund all across the world!  Check out some of them on this link! Should you be looking for a project or someone else to donate to at the Christmas season, I know that you will be a huge blessing to these people as we reach them with the transformational words from God which will change their lives forever!

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